Facebook Games More Likely To Please A Woman Than Sex

Hold your manhoods cheap, guys. Doritos, of all things, surveyed girl gamers and found that they’re more likely to get off on video games – worse yet, Facebook video games – than doing it with you.

A survey of 2052 lady gamers, commissioned to promote something called (adjusts glasses) “the Doritos Dip Desperado Facebook game”, found that women are more likely to enjoy a Facebook gaming session than, you know, slammin’ ham, by 84 per cent to 70 per cent for each activity. “Facebook games” is assumed to be the game of choice here a) considering who sponsored this and b) the survey also found that 49 per cent of women and 50 per cent of men game on the social network.

Other activities not as fulfilling as Facebook games, allegedly: Working out (62 per cent of women enjoy these), taking a bath (75 per cent) and even OMG shopping! (71 per cent).

Let’s be clear, this isn’t “likes games more than sex”, that’s an attitude held before the experience. It’s what’s more likely to be enjoyable, which is a reflection on it afterward. Preferably with a cigarette.

Survey: Women Love Gaming More Than Sex [MCVUK]

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