Fake British Game Designer Is The Funniest Twitter You're Not Reading

Peter Molyneux is a famed English game designer, member of the Order of the British Empire and a wonderful interview.

His games (Black & White, Fable, Magic Carpet, Syndicate, The Movies to name a few) helped shape and continue to influence many facets of the blossoming video game industry.

He's also an iconic game designer who's creative process doesn't stop when the game is nearly complete, it continues well into the press tours. In year's past, entire new facets of gameplay were created and announced during enthusiastic interviews, much to the chagrin of the designers at his studio who later had to quickly try to implement them. Imagine if Peter Jackson excitedly describing entire scenes from an upcoming Lord of the Rings movie while on a press tour, despite the fact that none of those scenes yet existed.

Fortunately for his developers, and unfortunately for the rest of us, the always cheerful Molyneux has toned down his enthusiasm during press events. Fortunately for everyone, fake doppelganger PeterMolydeux has stepped right up on Twitter to fill the void left by the real designer. With more than 5500 followers and 418 (at last count) fake and hilarious tweets, Peter Molyneux 2 is quickly becoming our favourite fake game developer to follow on Twitter.

Click through the gallery to read ten of our favourite tweets from the fictional Molydeux.

It's all in good fun. If you enjoy what you read, follow PeterMolydeux on Twitter.


    C'mon. . . you sure thats not the real Molyneux?

    That game where you start with no emotions is actually a decent idea...

    Is it just me? Or does anyone else read those tweets with Molyneux's voice?

    Its perfect. I have not lol'd that much for quite a while. Almost makes me want to get a twitter account.


    This is amazing. Still not getting onto the Lunch Updater that is Twitter, but this is cool as hell.

    "How do you say 'Not on rails' in Japanese"

    Bahahaha that is hilarious!!!

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