Fallout: New Vegas' Old World Blues Isn't Exactly Brain Surgery

Due out July 19, the Old World Blues downloadable content for Fallout: New Vegas isn't exactly brain surgery, but it's pretty damn close. Does removing the entire brain count?

After the inevitable apocalypse comes and goes, I plan on avoiding science altogether. The post-apocalypse and the powers of science simply do not mix in a way that's conducive to me staying alive for more than five minutes. No, when the world ends I'll be camped out with the folks from the local ren faire, eating steak on a stick and drinking homemade apple pie-flavoured alcoholic beverages.

Feel free to travel to Big MT instead. I'm sure not having skin is nice.

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    Im trying to love NV. I really am. Am I the only one uninspired by the DLC so far? FO3's dlc all seemed epic and awesome, this dlc so far just seems... well... bland? (and yes Ive bought it all so far...)

      I don't think FO3's efforts were any better. Of the five pieces of content I was only only really impressed with Broken Steel and Point Lookout, the latter I considered to be better than the main game. Thats two from five. With FNV I enjoyed Dead Money quite a bit and was dissappointed with Honest Hearts so thats one from two with two more to go.

    Wow, that actually looks really cool. I quite liked 'Dead Money' but thought that 'Honest Hearts' fell a bit flat. It was WAY too short, and didn't feel too 'fallouty'. It was a bit too serious IMO, and as a character that specialized in Energy Weapons, there wasn't too much there for me...

    This looks like a return to the kind of wacky, outrageous, technologic fallout that we saw in DLC like Mothership Zeta

    I am looking forward to this but for most games now I am more inclined to no longer bother buying the games at release instead writting them off for an extra year considering it as development time and then purchasing the GOTY edition with the extra content.

    Made me very satisfied with FO3 when I did it that way - I love NV but would have prefered it to be a completed game.

      Agreed. If you buy in Australia, you'll get ripped on the price, so it's pretty much a game of waiting for Steam or other overseas online store sales.

      And there are so many 1-2 year old but good and current generation games out that are on their sale cycle now, it doesn't make sense to buy new games anymore.

      DLC just makes it more murky. After a year, you get it all for a fraction of the price... it's not very rewarding for the 0-day people. And of course, most of it you can't just pick up and play... you'll have to re-slog your way through the game again.

      The only downside is that you have to avoid spoilers, and can't talk about the current games with your friends.

    Even if the DLC hasn't been great so far it is nice to see them experimenting with different styles.

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