Nose-less Images Of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

With part two of the one-part Harry Potter book finale making its way to cinemas, it's time to take a look at the video game based on the movie based on the book... and the portable based on that.

Confused? Just look at the pictures for the console versions and the DS version. :D


    Why even report on a harry potter game? this is more of a PR piece than a new story.

    Movie-tie-ins, and harry potter games have a nasty history of being complete rubbish. Why bother?

      EA release media to the outlets because it's coming out, of course it's timed with the movie, but that is irrelevant, it's still a game so it has a place on a gaming site.

      I've heard Part 1 (game) was terrible, and this will probably be the same, but sites should never really be ignoring games because they might be shit.

      BTW, LEGO Harry Potter was awesome.

      You make a great point!

      Also, I don't like the Call of Duty games. I think it's been well established that each game is pretty much the same as the last so I think Kotaku shouldn't bother with that either.

      Oh! And Wii games! Yeah, some of them are okay, but most of them are just shovelware, right?

        So true! You know what, let's just stop talking about games, and talk about cake instead! Everyone likes cake, right?

    I don't know why harry potter movie games are bad. Its not like they did not know the movies were coming out so they could have started working on it 7 years ago or whenever harry potter started and had something super polished and thought out.

    kotaku doesn't cover every game - only interesting content. I'm just suggesting that movie horrible movie tie-in #423 isn't so exciting.

    this site caters to a core gamer demographic, and core gamers aren't known for their love of movie tie-ins. Jamie, CoD is a core game, and an amazingly popular one. Your example is retarded. And you are pretty much right about Wii games, there's maybe 10 games on the system; the rest is shovelware.

    Boo goose, it's because the game doesn't sell on its quality, it sells to 'buying a game for a kid as a present' demographic' purely on its branding.

    Can't believe i'm bothering with this reply.

      Hiya Ben!

      I'm the reply button!

      You should really click on me when you want to reply to someone's post so your own reply doesn't seem completely out of context. Maybe if you weren't so busy complaining about the content on Kotaku you'd have remembered to click me properly!

      I just love to be clicked on when you want to keep a conversation in a nice sequential order. Don't forget to click me in the future! Even if you disagree with the content on the site, give me a click ok? Don't be a stranger now!

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      No one nose.

        ^love it win all the internets

    Love the books, loved Order of Phoniex the game, but the rest after that have been pretty bad

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