Final Fantasy VII Stop Motion Is Eight Minutes Of Holy Shit

YouTube user counter656 (aka John Huang) is quickly making a name for himself online with his stop-motion videos. The 30-year-old likes making these videos for fun and is trying to upload a new one every two months.

Check out his Mega-Man and Gundam videos (one of which we've featured before).



    Some bits of it are extremely well done, but some are lame too. But I'm very very impressed overall.

    that, was absolutely incredible. Well done!

    Aerith isn't a fighter? =o

    Still pretty good though..

    I think the majority of the stop motion is running at 4-6 movements per second, which is what you would expect for a non-studio production. However, the post editing has been very well done, as well as some great fight choreography to make things feel cinematic.

    If this guys is really doing most of this by himself, than that's truly amazing.

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