First Footage Of Burnout Crash! On Kinect May Leave Fans Hopping Mad

Criterion Games has a Burnout spin-off coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this fall, a game inspired by game shows and pinball, its creators say. Burnout Crash! is also the first Burnout game to support Kinect, an option that may leave you with a burning sensation.

First footage of Burnout Crash! has one thing we've come to expect from our Kinect games with driving controls - holding ones hands at ten and two, miming a grip on a steering wheel. It also requires what appears to be excessive jumping up and down, the motion required to make things blow up.

If that control option seems too strenuous on your quads and glutes, you of course have standard button-mashing controls - "press A to explode" - while playing this top-down arcade game.

So far, this doesn't look like the Burnout revival I was looking forward to. What do you think?


    Looks like a bit of fun, like a mashup of the original GTA with Burnout but my god, I couldn't take much of that commentator's voice. Seems like this game could also be well suited to mobile gaming platforms if they wanted to go down that path.

    That looks TERRIBLE!
    Kinect controls aside, that game just looks crap!

    Hey look! it's another free doritos game! Wait what? IT COSTS MONEY?! screwwwwwwwwww that :D

    All I got out of this is it will make you t-bag to get explitons.

    seriously, thats something you'd expect to see on a mobile phone not a xbox,and they want money for this shit, like hell!!

    WoW just WoW it looks like someone took a flash game slapped the burnout license on it and said we need a gimmick to sell this. So lets make it kinect.

    I just died a little on a the inside... all they had to do was take the old crash mode and make it into a downloadable game and they would of had my money. Kinda doubt their gittin it now!

    Is that rock lobster in the background?

    Burnout is one of my favorite franchises but watching that gameplay footage was downright painful. :(

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