First Gameplay Footage Of Metro: Last Light!

Yesterday we noted that today we would be getting our first glimpse at Metro: Last Light gameplay footage. This is that footage!

It's looking great so far. As one of our commenters mentioned yesterday, one of the reasons Metro 2033 was such a cult hit on PC, was the fact that it catered to folks with more powerful machines. Metro: Last Light looks like its continuing in that vein.


    Wow. So I'm guessing bullets aren't a commodity anymore...?

    (haven't played the first one)

      I think that was a pneumatic rifle which uses lead shot, not bullets. In any case it was only the military grade ammo that was actually worth much (clean and powerful ammo from before the war, not the dirty rounds made in the metro.

    "Hey guys - check out our new lighting engine.

    Oh shit, wait. Nevermind."

    I have Metro 2033 on Steam and I would love to play it someday :-P

    Maybe in another 3 years when I can afford to upgrade from my crappy lappy...

    Finally got around to playing this game and finishing it last night. Really enjoyed it! Awesome atmosphere. Few things that I think could have been better but anyway, best $7.50 I've ever spent lol.

    I look forward to this release :)

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