First Look At Dishonored, The New Game From Harvey Smith

First Look At Dishonored, The New Game From Harvey Smith

That right there? That’s Dishonored, the new stealth assassination game from Bethesda, Arx Fatalis dev Arkane Studios and Harvey Smith, one of the creative forces behind Deus Ex and Thief: Deadly Shadows. Why does it sound so interesting?

Dishonored‘s blend of first-person stealth, magical gadgetry and ever-changing world is why, details which are laid out in brief in Game Informer’s new look at the 2012 game. From stopping time to summoning swarms of rats to having the ability to possess one of those rats to make one’s escape, it sounds like Dishonored is one to watch.

GI says there is much more in the way of details in the print issue, arriving posthaste, but for now, a whetting of the appetite is all you’ll get for this new property.

Getting To Know Dishonored [Game Informer]


  • So sick of games promising to be total kick-ass and ending up being monster crud, it happens way too often. That said, Bethesda has the ability to make decent games, so we wait, and try not to get caught up in any false hype.

  • Been waitin too long for a new Thief game. Hopefully this will be something of a spiritual successor….looking forward to it 🙂

  • Is this…
    A) the ‘Elder Scrolls’ half of Bethesda, or
    B) the ‘id’ part? or
    C) that other part that makes/publishes crap every so often?

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