Fling Mini Transforms Your iPhone Into A Dual Analogue Gaming Beast

Fling Mini Transforms Your iPhone Into A Dual Analogue Gaming Beast

iPhone touchscreen controls suck, and there’s only one way to fight suck: More suck. Ten One Design’s suction cup mounted tactile game controller for the iPhone were created to suck your touchscreen control blues away.

Ten One Design creates devices that give iPads and iPhones the finger, or at least the sense that you’re giving it the finger. The company that created the first capacitive styluses for the iPhone takes its touchy technology and focuses it on the problem of iOS gaming. After great success on the two-pack running only $US24.95. It’s the companion to any game that let’s your fingers do the walking.


  • Better idea.

    * Shoot developers who keep cramming more and more controls on screen (they won’t be needed in the new world)
    * Sell a universal and affordable Bluetooth controller

  • What if I don’t WANT dual analog sticks? All I want is ONE! BUTTEN! What apout QUESTS!?

    Not sure about all this bulky-looking side-mounted bizzo. It’s a shame there’s not some kind of suction-cup with a see-through button/stick that can apply directly to the screen.

  • Grabbed a set off Gadgets4Geeks today, not bad. They don’t fill up the screen as much as you would think. Works a treat with Gun Bros.

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