Free-to-Play? Star Wars: Galaxies Cannot Make "a Change Of This Magnitude"

Free-to-Play? Star Wars: Galaxies Cannot Make "a Change Of This Magnitude"

When Sony Online Entertainment said it would shut down Star Wars: Galaxies by the end of the year, many teeth were gnashed and many garments were rent. A lot of people, thinking SOE failed to consider this, postulated about taking the game to a free-to-play model, and voila, the orphanage is saved! If only they wanted to save it, right?

Well, SOE and LucasArts both considered that long ago, smart guys. And while hypotheses are free, putting them into effect costs money. LucasArts said as much in a statement to GamePro, who went asking about the free-to-play chances of the eight-year-old MMO.

“[T] hat model just isn’t financially viable,” LucasArts told GamePro. “Changing the business model for an experience like Star Wars Galaxies takes a major investment and overhauling of the existing infrastructure of the game. We’re unfortunately at a point in our life cycle where a change of this magnitude is just not possible. The harsh reality is that we’ve reached a point where the game is no longer a sustainable business.”

LucasArts’ Message to Star Wars Galaxies Fans [GamePro]


  • It costs SOE money to have the license for Star Wars. The reason why they are closing it is because it’s just not worth the effort to pay that license considering the small profit margin and also because of the imminent canibalization of their player base when BioWare releases the OTHER licensed Star Wars MMO.

    This is just one of those things that I think the current fans need to deal with. If the game was more succesful – it’d still be around. It just isn’t, so it won’t be.

  • I’ve still got an unused copy of the complete edition on my shelf.. i wonder if i should crack it and have a shot before it’s gone for good…

  • “Well, SOE and LucasArts both considered that long ago, smart guys. And while hypotheses are free, putting them into effect costs money.”

    Seems like an overly snarky response

    considering the fact that they are merely making statements and you can say anything you want if you never have to show evidence

  • Lets face it, a game of 8 years will have dated hugely.

    MMO’s dying is generally a good thing, I’d rather see innovation than the market stagnate and be full of WoW clones that are free to play.

    Lets face it, most people don’t want to play free to play, because it’s misleading and you have to pay to get the full experience.

    • except that galaxies(from what i played of it a while ago) was no WoW clone.

      while ToR the new thing is looking to be a carbon copy wow clone

      Actually most people want to play free2play. the difference is they don’t want to play the Pay2Win MMO’s that used to exist.

      WoW is a perfect reason of why Free2Play is a good thing. 90% of the content that is added to WoW is geared towards the end game raiders who play consistently.

      So their is a huge section of the userbase that benefit’s in no way from the subscription they are paying for because they simply can’t play that content.

      I think youll find that alot of people would rather pay as they go.

      i play Lotro a little each month. when i finish the quest pack ive bought i buy the next one. And i generally have been spending less per month than the scrip that was just sitting their providing me with no benefit.

      A sub fee is fine for the hardcore, for everyone else Microtransactions are a much better move especially because they can show the developer where to focus for the consumer, instead of the vocal gearwhores.

      But all this relies on the fact that microtransactions don’t give perks

  • They could if they wanted to, Age of connan and Team Fortress 2 amongest many others are now free and they seem to manage ok. They are just afraid that if they do then no one will want to to buy Star Wars The Old Republic.

  • I thought most of the players play on private servers anyway to escape playing some patch that totally ruined the game…

  • SOE is the worst provider of MMOs. In my eyes, they have set back the progress of better MMORPGs more than the success of WoW. They could have turned all of their MMO products into success but they instead chose to do a half-assed job at steering people towards EQ & EQ2 (the only ones they probably support).

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