From Creepy To Cute, Cosplay At Wonder Festival

This weekend, the bi-annual Wonder Festival, an event for video game and anime figurines and sculptures, roared through Tokyo. And whenever there's a nerd gathering, there's gonna be cosplay.

Sister site Kotaku Japan and website Gigazine were on hand to check out the festivities, the figures, and the costumes.


    Those anime masks are pure nightmare fuel


      Seriously why do people think that these masks make the costume more complete? Shouldn't cosplay be about bringing a character to life rather than turning life in to a character?

      Wow. No sleep for me tonight. If you're going to that kind of trouble, put some makeup on or something but not one of those maks! Burn it with fire.

    I love how OOOs is fiddling with his helmet in the background while Leon is firin' his RPG

    Is that some sort of jumper-cable/pliers based superhero?

    I bet Ashcraft finds the anime masks to be the cute cosplay.

    Pliers Man? What?

    Oh wow, a Rohan. For the 8 white people in the world who know who he is, represent.

    Mori Yuki from Space Battleship Yamato?

    I'm with everyone else with the masks though.. :/

    Gosh those anime masks are creepy as hell. Who the hell thinks this is attractive or worthy of cosplay. Goddamn.

    That blonde one with the big sword.... Brings a whole new meaning to fake titties.

    I do not approve.

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