From Dust Delayed Until August On PC

From Dust is released tomorrow on Xbox LIVE, but for some reason - and Ubisoft has declined to elaborate - the PC version has been delayed until August.

Confirming with Joystiq, Ubisoft simply stated that "From Dust will hit XBLA this Wednesday and will release on PC on Wednesday, August 17."


    Damn it!

    When was the last time Ubisoft released a PC title alongside the console version? Because I sure can't remember.

    i say its good that this port doesnt come maybe they will one day realise that in actual fact there are heaps of us who use the PC to play.

    Does this game have a free play/world editor mode? All I want to do is just screw around with the lava and the water and the dust and make my own island.

      no it doesnt, but when you finish the levels you dont have to leave until you want to, so u can just do what you wish =D

      Hopefully if this game does well there'll be a From Dust 2 some day with a free roaming sandbox editing mode.

        Chahi has noted that if From Dust sells enough copies they might release another version or sequel with a sandbox editor and perhaps multiplayer.

    Snap - Already finished it ^_^

    Oh for f***'s sake. Do they need more time to shoehorn in some draconic DRM?

    seriously people...they have alot of stuff to do, they cant just release it willynilly.

    1. DRM
    2. Translating US English to Aussie English
    3. Adjusting prices for Aussies
    4. Integrating ubisoft social network, steam network and games for windows live network.

    Serious, wtf? I've been waiting for this game all month to come out tomorrow, then the day before release, they're like, "Fuck you, you have to wait more."

    Fucking Ubisoft. Try to fucking get something right for once. Jesus christ.

    this is purely to make it a timed exclusive for the summer/winter of arcade... derrrrr

    [email protected]#$, it's an Ubisoft game?

    My interest in this title just halved based on concern for unacceptable DRM.

    Is this just on the Xbox/PC like Bastion? I hope not because I've really wanted to play it since I heard about it.

    FFS typical Ubisoft.

    I wont go overboard but.. /le sigh is all I will say. Was hoping to hack into it this week.

    aww I was hoping for a 27th 12:00am AEST release

    will from dust be released at 12 AM wendesday?

    Ok yeah I'm pretty pissed. I've been waiting all week for this and you just now tell me.

    So what about PSN? Is it out today?

    I cant even find it listed on the Australian Xbox live store... But when I log into my UK account its there waiting to be released.

    Under the promotion 'Summer of Arcade' you can clearly see it listed with the release date. But in the Australian store and our 'Winter of Arcade' promotion its not even listed as one of the games...

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