Further Proof That Batman: Arkham City Will Be Incredible

I'm always keen to try and avoid the hype machine that comes with 'AAA' video games, but there are times when I get all googly-eyed. When I first saw this Batman: Arkham City demo, I got a little bit excited. Thankfully, video of what I saw has been revealed, and now we can all get googly-eyed together.

Batman: Arkham City, from what I've seen so far, is looking incredible. This is further proof of that fact.


    I'm glad they fixed the camera when fighting. Lost so many combos in AA because I couldn't see where enemies were.

    *major geek out* omgomgomg

    sweet holy moses on buttered bread.. that looks sooooo gooood!


    Ah, fantastic. I love how the end boss seems to be Sprglurghaflurk

      It promises a fun yet strangely unintelligible boss fight.

    I remember thinking to myself when playing the original that the only thing that could be improved upon would be having Gotham to play around in.


    that was pretty good except catwoman's face is really bleh.

    I really they'll be a demo

      I think you accidentally the whole thing.

    Wow. I was desperately trying to convince myself that it would be fine to let this one slide till 2012.

    Damn it.

    Oh well, nothing to be done - I guess that I'd better start putting up ads to sell my first-born.

    Well, that was incredible.

    Hmm, the voice acting is pretty garbage, but looks cool.

    Dammit, I'd forgotten about this. Now I need to add it to my "games to get" list.

    I recently played through arkham asylum again, but the one thing that pissed me off was the over the shoulder can while batman is walking. I cant stand it! *crouch runs everywhere*

    This is gonna be the best 89-110 dollars I'll ever spend AA was awesome and one of the few games to get me back in for multiple replays
    Shit yeah! Hurry up release date!!

    The Grapple-to-clothesline move made me giggle every single time. :)

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