GameStop Brings Digital PC Game Delivery To Retail

Not everyone that purchases downloadable PC games does it because they prefer shopping at home. Some of them just hate discs and boxes. Maybe it's an environmental thing. Perhaps their father was killed by a DVD. Whatever the case, GameStop's in-store digital PC game purchase method is perfect for those types.

It makes sense, I suppose. Since they've been having so much success selling codes for downloadable console game content in their retail locations, expanding that idea to encompass downloadable PC games seems like a logical step for GameStop to take, so here we are. Starting with next month's Deus Ex: Human Revolution, PC gamers will be able to hop into their local store and purchase a voucher that allows them to download the game to their machine.

Why not just purchase it off Steam? Steam doesn't take GameStop trade-in credit, for one. Plus they'd be missing out on adding more points to their PowerUp Rewards account, which would be a damn shame.

"This is a great illustration of how the digital distribution model and in-store experience really complement one another," said Steve Nix, GameStop's general manager of digital distribution. "We have seen great success selling DLC for console titles in our stores, so expanding on that model and helping customers discover digitally distributed PC games in stores is a natural fit."

While the logic-driven portion of my mind is quirking an eyebrow quizzically at the notion of going to a physical retail location to purchase a downloadable game, I guess it takes all kinds of screwed-up whackos to make the economy go 'round, and I should be more sensitive to them. Sorry, freaks.


    I guess the market would be pimarily gifts and people who want to pay in cash, so not entirely stupid.

      Indeed. Whilst the average age of gamers keeps rising, younger gamers (without credit cards) are still a very significant slice of the market (not to mention the future of the market).

    This isn't the first time i've seen kotaku people potentially insult their own readers. It's pretty odd.

    Three things: while physical consoles still exist, there needs to be a place to sell them. Video games stores (unlike movie rentals stores) will always have a place in the retail world.

    Secondly, gamers are creatures that like to collect shit. A lotta shit. Game stores have shiny things to put on our shelves and peripherals to enhance our gaming experiences.

    Thirdly, the industry is evolving, and those that don't adapt will die by the wayside. I don't have a problem with paying for electronic goods over the counter at a retail store, so long as I'm paying the same price as I would buying it online, electronically. Otherwise, y'know, I'd just do it online.

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