GameStop Wreaks Havok On The X-Men, Gives Spider-Man An Identity Crisis

With two Marvel superhero video games coming from Activision this Australian spring, GameStop ransacks comic book continuity for fresh outfits to provide preorder customers of X-Men: Destiny and Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

Spider-Man developer Beenox really went to town on the alternate costumes in its previous outing, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, so this time around the preorder bonuses are accompanied by the distinct sound of barrel bottom scraping. Identity Crisis costumes? Really?

See, back in 1998 Spider-Man had four different books, and having four different books back then meant massive convoluted story arcs. Identity Crisis involved Spider-Man being framed for murder. Responding as any sane-minded individual would, Peter Parker decided to take on four different costumed identities with powers not quite exactly like Spider-Man's. Why four? Well in case the others were compromised, of course. This all makes sense.

Anyway, preordering Spider-Man: Edge of Time from GameStop will grant players a code to unlock these suits for play in the latest Spidey epic. Choose from Prodigy, Shade, Dusk, or Hornet.

Meanwhile, in X-Men: Destiny, players get to choose one of three fledgling mutants and develop their powers as they play, going as far as learning powers and collecting costume pieces that emulate your favourite X-Men characters. You know, like Havok, the GameStop preorder costume character. You know Havok, right? He was just in that movie. Scott Summers brother? Constantly in his older brother's shadow? Likes tall green-haired chicks? Was only vaguely interesting during Peter David's run of X-Factor?

Well now you can dress like that guy, if you preorder at GameStop. Let's profess our varying degrees of excitement!


    Havok.....more like Tron

      Was gonna say exactly that :P

      Plus that looks way more like the guy from the Tron movie than the recent Xmen film with Havok.

    Hey, I actually liked Identity Crisis

    I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the costume noted as Shade is Ricochet. I don't remember there being a Shade in Identity Crisis or Slingers. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm going by memory.

    @John - Also a fan of Identity Crisis :)

      It was Silhouette

        It was dusk! He is the all black one

    Is it just me or does that top picture look a lot like a modified "Yellow Jacket" costume?

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