Get A Bigger Mii With Giant AR Cards, Now Available At Club Nintendo

Mii too wee? Extend the size of your Mii on your Nintendo 3DS naturally with an XL-sized augmented reality card, one of the newest additions to the North American version of Club Nintendo.

The Giant Mii AR Card, which measures approximately 28.5 inches by 18.25 inches, will set Club Nintendo members a cool 200 coins. You may have seen it in action before, delivering full-sized versions of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata for example. It's big, but not this big.

Club Nintendo members with spare coins can also blow 400 of those precious coins on a trio of Donkey Kong posters or a measly 10 coins on a Metroid: Other M screensaver. More at Club Nintendo.


    Australian Club Nintendo has had the XL AR Card for about 2 months.

    Also, American Club Nintendo?

    I normally think that the people bitching about the "relevance" of US articles need to calm down, but now I'm becoming one of them. This is basically a waste of bits. All that internet space gone to waste.

    But really; this is a pointless article.

    New from Club Nintendo. More pointless stuff!

    All I want is a nice case for my 3ds.

    wow.. this wasn't old when they first came out.

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