Get A Little Taste Of Catherine Today

The demo for Atlus' sexy-scary nightmare climbing game Catherine hits Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network today, giving potential players an excellent chance to figure out what a sexy-scary nightmare climbing game actually is.


    I'm just now starting to play some of the Persona games these past several months and I have this sneaking/crawling feeling in my gut that I'm already sold on Catherine... So I'll be trying this demo to see if I'm right or not :-P

    Fuuuuu- can't wait to import this game from America. Been waiting for this game for a while now.

    One sentence article ftw

    I stopped playing my Japanese copy about 5hrs in as the language barrier was a bit of an issue! Really looking forward to seeing another quality ATLUS translation at work.

    Now all that needs to happen is a distributor in the PAL territories picks it up, so that 360 owners can play the game too.

    I'm on so I'm assuming this is relevant to Australia? I just looked on XBL and no sign of the demo.

    as usual Kotaku fails to inform that this does not apply to Australia

    Is there any way to get the demo in Australia?

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