Get Left 4 Dead 2's New DLC Early By Crossing The Streams

Valve is asking players to test Left 4 Dead 2's Cold Stream campaign. If 20,000 players finish it by Sunday, they'll release the Dead Air campaign early! Coincidentally Left 4 Dead 2 is on sale for $US5 on Steam. []


    Come on!

    Tell us about the Dead Air campaign!
    Tell us about the Cold Stream campaign!
    When was the announcement launched!
    Who made the announcement!
    This Sunday? How many days/hours are left?
    Do we know how many people have finished it so far?
    Is there any registration or do we just jump in and play?
    Coincidentally?! Tell us about the Steam Summer Sale!
    How long is L4D2 on sale? Just Today?

    This is not an article.

      I agree with this. Im tired of seeing tiny "articles" which are just basically a single sentence

    Works out well, was planning to play it for the summer camp achievements.

    Not worth buying the censored AU version of L4D2 even for $5

      Get a mate from OS to Gift it, send them the fiver.

        just use Left 4 Uncut

      Writing off an entire game because one version is not as violent as the developer's intentions is kind of a dick move.

    Very detailed write up.

    When is Dead Air actually due? Sunday... what time?

    I imported the UK version, and Vavle packed 2 registration code sheets in the DVD case. So my friend and I both have the UK version. Winning!

    Yer, a link for the map would be nice, I havent managed to find it yet...

      It's not something you have to add on yourself. It was included with an update a while back (in beta form). It should be part of your "standard" campaigns.

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