Get Your Xbox Through Airport Security With This Travel Case

From CTA Digital, the Brooklyn idea factory known for bowling ball Wii peripherals and other strangely useful oddities, comes this is a handy carrying case for a full Xbox 360 — with Kinect. It doesn't make packing up any easier but it does make transportation a little more convenient.

What makes the Xbox 360 not "portable" is not so much its size or its weight, really. It's all the cables and wires and shit you have to deal with in the back of your entertainment centre — which in my household looks like C-3PO's pubes.

So this case, available now on Amazon, is most practical for those with high incomes, those who travel frequently or live on the road for long stretches, and don't mind buying a second set of cables (and a power brick). I'm thinking of professional athletes, well known for gaming on the road in their hotels. Regular folk, not so much.


    i only saw 1 controller, not 4.

    For only $30 it also sounds fine for "regular folk" that still like to travel to mates places and lan while keeping their stuff in one safe place.

    i saw the something similar on ign except it had a screen on the inside so you could playany and it wasn't as wide it was for ps3 and xbox 360.

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