Glenn Beck, Nazi Germany, Angry Birds, Oh My!

Angry Birds is not just a game. See, the birds are angry because the pigs took their eggs — eggs the birds worked for.

Redistribution of eggs, Nazi Germany, and comparing the police to pigs. A snippet of pundit Glenn Beck's talkshow, courtesy of Jeff Grub at Bitmob.

Seriously, why would we play Angry Birds when Tiny Wings is far superior?

Top video: NeoJobe/YouTube


    Glen Beck said something crazy!??

    Seriously how is this news?

    Because Beck is a classic example of a right wing ultra-conservative nutcase who has way too much power. Much like Jim Wallace and the ACL.

    More of Glenn Beck being Glenn Beck. It's just a shame it was on a talkshow, I'd have loved him to do one of his classic Fox News blackboard diagrams of this, would have been amazing.

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