Glitchers Brought In To Test Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

Glitchers Brought In To Test Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer
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A group of Call of Duty glitchers has been called back to Infinity Ward to help the studio test and shore up the game’s multiplayer, according to the gang’s leader.

This isn’t the first time mapMonkeys have assisted on a Call of Duty project, according to founder Rezzzo. He says members had been flown to test Call of Duty: World at War and Modern Warfare 2.

If you’re recalling all sorts of glitches or exploits in those games, “we only had two or three days to test the game and find glitches, which wasn’t nearly enough time,” Rezzzo says. “This time, Infinity Ward is keeping us there an entire week so we can find more bugs and glitches than ever before!”

His post on a mapMonkeys forum says they arrived at the testing location today.

“I know this goes against mapMonkeys since we thrive off of finding and sharing glitches with each other,” Rezzzo says, “but this is an amazing opportunity we can’t pass up!”

Ah, poor glitchers, sold out by one of their own for an advance peek at a game.

Kotaku left a message left Saturday for an Infinity Ward representative. It was not immediately returned.

mapMonkeys Are Testing Modern Warfare 3! [mapMonkeys, thanks Ryan.]


  • Never played any of the Battlefield games, but I’d support it just to see something else gain traction in the FPS space besides CoD.

  • I had hope that they would finally fix call of dutys broken multi-payer until i read that they already got the same team in for world at war and the glitch infested mw2

    • If you read, it states that for the other games they only had a few days for the other games which wasn’t enough, but this time hey have a week.

      • 3 days vs 6 wont change much.

        especially since some glitches didn’t show up until weeks after release. and some dont show until a couple of patches are released

        • Keep in mind; these guys are coming in post-IW testing is completed for glitch testing. You’d be assuming that the IW team have been testing over weeks already to ensure the game play etc is as planned. A fresh set of eyes never hurt a development project before. Good for them though; looking forward to this release.

          • you say that yet there were still massive glitches in the MW2 coding.

            not to mention that they are going in for testing months before the game goes gold giving the developers all sorts of time to create new glitches anyway

  • One week to test the game still isn’t nearly enough when you look at the entire development schedule. They make it seem like it will give them the ability to find WAY more glitches, but in reality, it’s not going to make a major difference in comparison to previous games.

    A public beta test would still be more effective. Haven’t they learned anything from the other Call of Duty games?

    • Testing for glitches is one thing. Beta testing gameplay is a different thing.
      Not many developers would hire a team of gamers to do a 6 day intensive, testing purely for glitches.

  • People who abuse glitches and exploits (as well as OP and broken weapons and abilities) heavily rely on them to achieve impressive K/D ratios and wins. Why would these people inform Infinity Ward of all the glitches they find in the game when they can keep some hidden and start abusing them on release day?

  • Why are some of you assuming that this is the ONLY testing for glitches that’s being done?

    The way it sounds to me is that IW have done their testing and are bringing in these guys (who specialise in finding glitches and exploits) to find if anything was missed.


    they said they fly out on July the 10th, and they have one week to test….release isnt till novemeber, wouldnt this mean its close towards being finished and just has to be polished left?

    i think making it a public beta, and have recorded footage would make it easier to find glitches, so you know what they are doing to abuse the glitch. Not to mention i would think unlikely glitch combos will still occur, everyone remember the javelin glitch on MW2?

  • Zzz yet another call of duty game. I bet it’s the same as all other COD games ever made = “press V to melee. Do it now or die” zzz

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