Gods & Heroes Looks Just As Exciting As It Did In 2005

Gods & Heroes Looks Just As Exciting As It Did In 2005

Heatwave Interactive recently released Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, a massively multiplayer online game that’s been in development since at least 2005, and it looks just as good as it looked back then. Unfortunately it’s 2011 now.

Some of my earliest posts on Kotaku were about Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, a promising massively multiplayer game based on Roman mythology. Back then Perpetual Entertainment was developing the game, with Sony Online Entertainment set to publish. Then SOE dropped out, Perpetual decided to publish the game on its own, and finally it was put on indefinite hold.

That is until Heatwave Interactive picked it up.

Now the game is out, and it’s as if nothing has changed, aside from the expectations of the MMO consuming public. I’d still give it a go, but man, it sure looks primitive by today’s standards.


  • It’s the Duke Nukem Forever problem haha, well probably not but still. Do we release it buggy as fk, or do we keep at it….till it looks dated as fk.

    Need to find a nice middle ground I guess. But MMO’s seem to be the hardest types of games to launch, because so much of their success hinges on the player base.

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