GoldenEye 007 Reloaded Is Real, Coming To PS3 And Xbox 360

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded Is Real, Coming To PS3 And Xbox 360

Activision will be tightening up the graphics on 2010’s GoldeneEye 007 for the Wii – the re-imagining of the 1997 Nintendo 64 game of the same name – bringing it to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as GoldenEye 007 Reloaded. See?

Reloaded, expected to be officially unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con this week, appears to be a relatively straight port of the Wii version (which was pretty good), but since it’s still not officially announced by Activision, we don’t yet know the extent of the project.

Kotaku is headed to Comic-Con and Activision’s preview event tomorrow, where we fully anticipate we’ll be hearing a lot more about GoldenEye 007 Reloaded.

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded Screenshots [Videogamer]


  • Sweet, the Wii version has been on my want list for ages, but I simply hate my Wii, so will pick up PS3 version!

  • That is so awesome.
    Im prety sure everyone in my generation deserves to have this game remade for any console they chose to play at any given time.

    SO many childhood hours spent throwing knives at each other.

    • Best time of my life was playing 4 player licence to kill with slaps only. Peed my pants laughing at me and my mates running around trying to out slap each other.

      Was it just my mates or did anyone else have the “You die, pass the controller on” rule when you had more then 4 people playing?

  • Meh.

    I would have preferred the port that Rare had done, but weren’t allowed to release

    . Another cash-in on the great game? I’m sure it’ll be as bad as the rest.

  • I have it for Wii, it sucks. Dont know why it got good reviews. As Blackwater says, Rare actually developed a faithful remake of the N64 game with current-gen graphics, but Activision wouldnt let them release it. I wish they would just release that one.

  • i’m preparing to be disappointed. Seems unlikely that the developers will be able to produce the same magic that the original did.

  • I have heard nothing but how bad the remake of GoldenEye was so I’ll pass. Plus, they should’ve payed for the rights to use Pierce Brosnan as Bond.

  • I played it on Wii and it was meh. It is GoldenEye in name only. There’s extremely little to link this title to the great game that was the N64 original. The start of the dam level looks somewhat like the Rare version, but the rest of the game is TOTALLY different. The story is changed, the locations, the characters, Bond himself (Craig instead of Brosnan), everything. Plus no bonuses to speak of, whereas the original had 23 cheats, a tonne of multiplayer skins and 2 bonus SP levels.

    This game is basically Call of Bond: Modern GoldenEye.

  • This sounds very disappointing 🙁

    Goldeneye was some of the best times ever and if they’re going to change everything, why not just make it a different game? I think it absolutely needs pierce brosnan to be bond also.

  • I still got the original N64 catridge and i dont own a Wii so i would honestly like to try it on the 360.

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