Gran Turismo Developer Ditching Tokyo

Gran Turismo Developer Ditching Tokyo

Polyphony Digital, the studio behind Gran Turismo, is moving its development studio across the country to Fukuoka City. The reason for the move is the March 11 earthquake.

According to Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi, out of various cities that were considered, Fukuoka, which is in the far West of the country, is a good place to live and work.

Fifty game developers will be relocated at Polyphony Digital’s new headquarters in Fukuoka. The city is already home to Level-5, the studio best known for the Professor Layton games.

Why exactly the earthquake and its effects prompted the move were not stated.

“ゲームソフト”制作会社が福岡へ [RKB via オレ的ゲーム情報]

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  • Hmm, its location would provide more safety from tsunamis than Tokyo, and the area is less prone to earthquakes in general than many other parts of Japan.
    The city’s buildings are on average shorter than those of Tokyo, which would improve survivability chances in the event of a major earthquake, although the buildings are not as well built to survive such a quake.

    • I think you nailed it. But then again, there is no surprise that Ashcraft couldn’t allude to the possible (and most likely and logical) reasons for the move. He is part of the slower and less-than-capable KotakuUS crew.

      • Chazz, maybe you should submit some articles.
        Lead by example. Raise the tone of the site.
        The people here obviously have no idea!
        Either that,…. or maybe you should move onto another site where the writers are more intellectualy stimulating and don’t upset you so.

        • Oh I’m cool with KotakuAU, I just grow weary of the US articles.

          Also, one doesn’t need to be in a profession to recognise someone’s faults in that profession.

  • Tokyo is due for a rather large earthquake soon by all accounts. I was going to move there but have reconsidered since the March quake.

  • I can’t imagine a business moving purely for “earthquake” reasons. I imagine the rent is far, far cheaper in Fukuoka than Tokyo, for one thing…

  • Kaz is obviously worried about his car collection 😛 I’m surprised it’s only 50 developers, though – I thought Polyphony would be bigger than that. No wonder GT5 took so long! Or are they only relocating part of the studio?

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