Grand Theft Auto IV Looks Amazing All Over Again

We've seen some nice mods for the PC versions of Grand Theft Auto games before, but boy, this new series of GTAIV tweaks take the cake.

What's most impressive is that it's a complete overhaul of the game's visuals: there's not just new textures and models, but depth of field, new lighting and weather effects as well.

[via Edge]


    while they look nice, i found this game really boring.

    completed 1% before returning

      Yeah, realism and debatable controls killed it. LOVE saints row though.

        just bought saints row 2 on sunday. $15 :)

      If you found GTA4 boring, you weren't playing it right.

        For a GTA game it was boring.

        if I didn't like GTAIV it's because it wsn't made right or to my expectation....not because I wasn't playing it right.

    Amazing, simply amazing.

    *Insert obligatory BEEG AMERICAN TEE TEE's comment here*

    Really nice. I might actually look into getting GTAIV for PC to try this.

    GTA IV runs pretty averagely on my rig; granted it's byno means high-end. I guess this wouldn't help matters. Looks great though.

    Is there a mod or patch or something out there that makes the game less of a crappy resource hog?

    Obvious troll obvious.

    K the nighttime shots finally hooked me. That's pretty incredible.

    Looks amazing, but if I had an R8 which bounced on its springs like a 1930's jalopy like that one in the video, I would take it back immediately...

    interesting.. I wonder if it was just one person or a whole team or what?

    rockstar should hire this guy. Give him a small team and do a PC port of RDR or LA Noire.

    I doubt GTAV will look that good.

    Hope Rockstar take this code apart and try and implement it for GTA5.

    The lens flares reminded me of Kane & Lynch 2 a little bit

      Actually I hope Rockstar hire this guy, and the guys that helped make the various mods put in the video. Their work is amazing.

    Car damage? Environment damage? It all looks very nice but how practical is it? I noticed in the video when driving around he was trying very hard not to hit anything.

    In saying that most mods are works in progress so I hope that it get's a lot of community support to push them along. Also all gaming companies should be hiring guys like this who have the passion to create masterpieces in their own time.

      I assume the avoiding hitting anything was to keep the focus on what he was trying to show, not the potentially crappy driving.

    Would love to give this mod a shot, however my rig can't even play with the advanced graphics >.<

    Over the weekend I got back into GTAIV for some reason and I couldn't get over how utterly absurd the graphical filters and effects were most the time. There are maybe 2 in-game hours of the day that don't look too bad. The rest of the time I feel like my TV is floating in a muddy fishtank as I try to play the game from the outside looking through a nasty suspension of dirt and algae :-P

    I wish my Laptop could run GTA IV because I would much prefer a mod like this to the vanilla game itself.

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