Guy Tries To Hit On Girl Over Xbox LIVE, Fails Miserably

If you can manage to sit through this cringe-fest, you're a much stronger human being than me. This guy, who randomly scrolled through his buddy's Xbox LIVE list found a girl, and then randomly joins her party to ask her out on a date. It does not end well.

Part of me wonders if the whole thing is an elaborate prank, and I can't work out who the hell I should be rooting for? The strange guy who randomly finds girls on LIVE and tries to ask them out, or the cruel harlot who recorded the whole conversation and uploaded it onto YouTube.

Either way, this is the epitome of car crash entertainment.

Thanks Michelle!


    Guys hit on my wife over Xbox Live all the time, even after she's told them she's married and made it clear she's not interested. She has no problem with being friendly with guys who act flirty as long as they know where to draw the line, but every now and then one goes too far, can't take a hint, and she has to remove him from her friendslist.

    It's hard for me to feel sympathy for any guy who trawls for sex over Live.

      I would've thought that many guys are just gaming on XBL, but being who they are, just seize on any opportunity to chat up a lady.

      But to think there are people who seemingly purposely come on XBL to find a girl who games seems odd and I can't see how they'd ever be successful.

        As much as his approach was batshit crazy, I would rather have a partner who games so we have some common interests.

    If this wasn't fake, then at least she was generally nice. And he probably didn't realise how creepy he was getting.

    Over XBL, guys just shouldn't if they've never encountered the chick before. IRL though, I used to give a guy some credit for having the balls to make an attempt in the first place.

    I had to stop watching at 2 minutes 30.

    This guy is... incredible.

    You have to at least admire his persistence.

      There is a point that persistence turns into weird and creepy and I really think he passed that point here.

        That point is immediately following the first no, then it gets Norman Bates-ish.

      Reminds me of my awkward teen years when I was trying to convince my then-girlfriend to 'give me a chance.'

      I feel so uncomfortable just remembering about that. Only this is 10x creepier.

    He has to be trolling just in a really weird, ineffective way.

      i thought it was very efficient did you see how annoyed that girl got.

    There's a lot of weird, lonely guys out there. I see it as a problem with society. They don't know what to do (especially if they watch movies), so they create all this weird crap.

    This is why you have the party on private in the first place...

    A guy from my FL decided to hit up one of the girls in my FL. After about 10 minutes of conversation he finally realised the woman he was speaking to was my fifty-something year old mum.

    Yes my mum is on XBox Live and yes I wish I had that conversation recorded.

    Happened to both my girlfriend and my ex girlfriend on WoW all the time.

    ...ofcourse, my ex did leave me for a guy she met on WoW - so I guess there is hope for all the sad, lowlifes in the world.

      jake is that you?

    Don't think she was a cruel harlot at all - I would've been a lot meaner a helluva a lot sooner...

      Yeah - but recording and uploading the thing? Harsh...

        Think of it as doing him a favour. Now that his wares have been put on display for the whole internet to see, surely he'll be inundated by chicks on XBL (AMERICAN ones, even) who find themselves irresistably drawn to his suave charms.

        Form an orderly queue, ladies - there's plenty of GroovyLake to go around!

        Sure - maybe a little harsh - but the reality is that the sooner there are real life implications for the supposedly anonymous douchery that happens on-line, the quicker some people will start to act like decent members of society whether they be online of offline...

        Based on his profile, he is a serial pest (I love girls). She wouldn't be the first or last to do that.

          I mean she wouldn't be the first or last to have dealt with him.

    So... he wants to date her (and travel very long distances to date her) when literally the only thing he knows about her is that she's female? Now there's a man who sets the bar high.

    I'm adding this dude when I get home, and changing my profile to female.

    I can't do it. I can't listen to all of this. It's... too much. The horror. The horror.

      Woohoo! I made it to 6 minutes! Do I get a trophy?

        I made it through the entire thing. In one sitting, no breaks.

        My cringing muscles are gonna be sore tomorrow...

    Ladies man

    Hilarious and creepy.

    I can't bring myself to watch this.

    started skipping around after 1:30... so bazaar!! best bit is her idea about a web cam meal together over skype lol

      Wow. I hope you don't mind but i visited your site and your designs are pretty impressive.

      Was this a company effort or did you do them on your own?

      The PS3 experience is my favourite its very reminicent of the PS2 intro sequence and menu screens. I'm imagining it as what the XMB would have looked like had sony used the ps2 template on the ps3.

        hey just found out about this reply checking stats for my site! Thanks mate - sorry its 2 years late :D I guess this was before kotaku had notifications. PS3 was a team effort - i was only junior at the time. We worked 15 days straight, 16 hours a day (including a public holiday) plus the last night went all the way through to 11am (fell asleep in the cab on the way home). Was fun to work on but seriously would think long and hard before undertaking anything like that again!

    And this is why I use PSN. :p

    This guy can't be serious.

    Did anyone hear that plane crash?

    19's the 2nd line!!!!!!!! lolololololol

    I feel sorry for the middle guy.
    Third wheel much.

      I dunno, he seemed to be enjoying himself :P

    lolz that is so awesome!

    Felt kinda of awkward during that conversation

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