Guy Tries To Hit On Girl Over Xbox LIVE, Fails Miserably

Guy Tries To Hit On Girl Over Xbox LIVE, Fails Miserably

If you can manage to sit through this cringe-fest, you’re a much stronger human being than me. This guy, who randomly scrolled through his buddy’s Xbox LIVE list found a girl, and then randomly joins her party to ask her out on a date. It does not end well.

Part of me wonders if the whole thing is an elaborate prank, and I can’t work out who the hell I should be rooting for? The strange guy who randomly finds girls on LIVE and tries to ask them out, or the cruel harlot who recorded the whole conversation and uploaded it onto YouTube.

Either way, this is the epitome of car crash entertainment.

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  • Guys hit on my wife over Xbox Live all the time, even after she’s told them she’s married and made it clear she’s not interested. She has no problem with being friendly with guys who act flirty as long as they know where to draw the line, but every now and then one goes too far, can’t take a hint, and she has to remove him from her friendslist.

    It’s hard for me to feel sympathy for any guy who trawls for sex over Live.

    • I would’ve thought that many guys are just gaming on XBL, but being who they are, just seize on any opportunity to chat up a lady.

      But to think there are people who seemingly purposely come on XBL to find a girl who games seems odd and I can’t see how they’d ever be successful.

  • If this wasn’t fake, then at least she was generally nice. And he probably didn’t realise how creepy he was getting.

    Over XBL, guys just shouldn’t if they’ve never encountered the chick before. IRL though, I used to give a guy some credit for having the balls to make an attempt in the first place.

  • There’s a lot of weird, lonely guys out there. I see it as a problem with society. They don’t know what to do (especially if they watch movies), so they create all this weird crap.

  • A guy from my FL decided to hit up one of the girls in my FL. After about 10 minutes of conversation he finally realised the woman he was speaking to was my fifty-something year old mum.

    Yes my mum is on XBox Live and yes I wish I had that conversation recorded.

  • Happened to both my girlfriend and my ex girlfriend on WoW all the time.

    …ofcourse, my ex did leave me for a guy she met on WoW – so I guess there is hope for all the sad, lowlifes in the world.

      • Think of it as doing him a favour. Now that his wares have been put on display for the whole internet to see, surely he’ll be inundated by chicks on XBL (AMERICAN ones, even) who find themselves irresistably drawn to his suave charms.

        Form an orderly queue, ladies – there’s plenty of GroovyLake to go around!

      • Sure – maybe a little harsh – but the reality is that the sooner there are real life implications for the supposedly anonymous douchery that happens on-line, the quicker some people will start to act like decent members of society whether they be online of offline…

  • So… he wants to date her (and travel very long distances to date her) when literally the only thing he knows about her is that she’s female? Now there’s a man who sets the bar high.

    • Wow. I hope you don’t mind but i visited your site and your designs are pretty impressive.

      Was this a company effort or did you do them on your own?

      The PS3 experience is my favourite its very reminicent of the PS2 intro sequence and menu screens. I’m imagining it as what the XMB would have looked like had sony used the ps2 template on the ps3.

      • hey just found out about this reply checking stats for my site! Thanks mate – sorry its 2 years late 😀 I guess this was before kotaku had notifications. PS3 was a team effort – i was only junior at the time. We worked 15 days straight, 16 hours a day (including a public holiday) plus the last night went all the way through to 11am (fell asleep in the cab on the way home). Was fun to work on but seriously would think long and hard before undertaking anything like that again!

  • Classic. This had to be done, kid needs to learn there’s a time and place for meeting women with the intention of dating and XBL is not it.

  • Why does this remind me of a ‘friend’ of mine, he would hit on EVERY girl he came across. It got really creepy when he started hitting on another friend of mine in our circle of friends, she found it really creepy. He’s still at it even though he HAS a girlfriend. We’ve disowned him of recent too.

  • I’m surprised nobody commented on the slur in the guy’s speech. Sounds to me like he’s had a bit too much liquid courage.

    Either that or he’s trolling – you can hear him trying not to laugh at 4:01.

  • this guy really needs to learn that you don’t talk to women for dates, you follow them into alleys and knock them out first

  • Made it through the whole thing, it wasn’t that bad 😛

    Man, talk about persistence. And having absolutely no idea.

  • Wow. I listened to the whole darn car crash. She was way too nice, though I have half a suspicion that this was a dare (probably through the mutual friend) as he was trying not to laugh at one point…

  • >He’s only a Lt. Colonel Grade 2
    what a loser!

    Also I couldn’t watch past like 10 seconds. I don’t know how the rest of you made it past that. You guys are REAL Spartan material.


    He must be??!?

    Seriously, his mastery of the art of the troll surpasses even that of Ono.

    The girl did him a favour by uploading his performance. Expect to see an encore soon.

  • Yeah you can hear him trying not to laugh at 4:10…I’m guessing he made a bet with a friend that he could pick up over Xbox Live or something…

    If it’s for real, well yeah he needs help.

  • I’m guessing this was what Turing had envisaged when he invented the computer. Well, YouFace videos like this and porn.

  • I could understand this if they’d met online. Gotten to know each other through gaming or whatever and their relationship progressed into something more than just online… but to randomly lookup chicks half your age and hit on them? That’s erm… I really hope this guy was doing this for a bet or something and not that creepy IRL.

  • That was just plain painful, when it happens to me they usually give up pretty fast when they get shut down. I don’t understand why guys actually go through people’s lists looking for girls, I always check when I get a request out of nowhere and 9 times out of 10 we have a friend in common.

  • do i get a sticker for watching the whole thing?
    Cause I did and laughed and contemplated if I actually knew the guy cause he sounds exactly like someone I went to school with

  • LMAO i acually have played a few games with this girl she is a good player. but this guy is just pathetic how the f goes on xbox live and tries to get a girl to date hm that dosent even live in the same country we all need to spam this guy with hate mail.

  • Holy cow, this is amazing. This is the first thing that’s made me cry since I skinned my knee in the 3rd grade. But it was because I’m laughing. Wonderful.

  • I listened to the whole thing because I’m a gamer chick myself and get plenty of trolls but at the same time I have met some really awesome people that I game with IRL. This guy really thought he could get the last laugh here but jokes on him. This was a great upload. Kudos to the chick for being so nice when he so obviously didn’t deserve it. I’m more shocked by guys who think women don’t play the game I do than being hit on actually. Some men are just so creepy but then again so are some of the women I come across too so it goes both ways. That idiot messed with the wrong woman and now he’ll live in public disgrace for the rest of his life and beyond. It’s so bad an article was even written. Now can you guys see why some women come across with bad attitudes? Some people couldn’t even stand to hear it all. Try listening to that stuff all day and still be in a good mood. Gaming is supposed to be an escape into something fun. That is not anyone’s idea of fun except for idiots like him.

  • Wow..I am also a gamerchick and I cannot believe that she sat through that. The fact that she let him ramble on for over 8 minutes is ridiculous. You cannot blame her for recording this. I have to leave it on team and party or I tend to get harassed. It’s really ridiculous how there are some men out there who cannot handle it when a girl is on XBL. We’re out there…half of us hide because of guys like this. YIKES.

  • I bet this dude was in a party with friends talking shit about how he could find some girl on xbl to date him, and he was trying to prove he could, and failed cause he’s socially awkward.

  • as sad and pathetic as this sounds people have actually hooked up even over cruder technologies, like mirc (rember that?) and chat rooms (and that?) I actually heard of a girl who met a guy from half a world away in the chat room and they ended up getting married. It has to do with the moves (or is it the level of desperation ???) 😉

  • Either the guy is trolling or he’s trying real hard, which I can’t blame him for. People hook up over more random situations than that one. What I don’t understand is why she was stringing it along for so long? If she’s not interested (and she clearly knew she wasn’t) she should have ended the whole thing right from the beginning. Why did she have to break into elaborate explanations of why it was a bad idea and try to embaress him by going on about her profile and how unprepared he was when she could have given a firm and conclusive no, then moved on. It’s not like we see him stalking her or constantly contacting her with unwanted attention, it’s one big awkward conversation which she seems entertained with as opposed to genuinely trying to end it without making a fuss or awkward mess.

    I don’t know about you, but when I’m online and I have unwanted attention, I don’t record a 9 minute conversation with them, I ignore them or give them a firm sign I’m not interested and I continue to go about what I want to do. You see at the end she had no intention of having anything to do with him and even laughs at him while doing what she should have done all along – block him. There is deffinitely at least one troll in that scenario.

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