Halo: Anniversary Promises A New Perspective On Old Memories

Halo: Anniversary Promises A New Perspective On Old Memories

Here is exactly what was shown of Halo: Anniversary‘s singleplayer campaign, today at Comic-Con 2011. The demonstration was also given to press at E3 back in June; this is its first public display. It covers the classic level “Silent Cartographer,” and showcases the ability to switch between updated high-definition graphics and the low-def visuals of the original Halo: Combat Evolved.


  • Looks the way Halo 2 should have. I played through Halo again on PC and just started playing Halo 2 for the first time.. i was disappointed by how cynically it requires Vista yet has no graphical improvements over original Halo on XP. Looks like the exact same graphic engine was used.

  • AWSOM! any one cnow if they r bringin it out for the pc? like the original?
    and is it gona be a full priced game? or will you be able to buy it like a arcade game, for like 15 bucks?

  • Nice. I’ll pick it up just mainly because I lost my first halo disc. Oh. It looks awesome as well 😛

  • Already preordered, and will sit nicely alongside the original, between Halo CE and Halo 2. Btw, when I preordered, EB had it in their system for $9,999.99 – I know their prices are high, but I hope that’s not an RRP. 😛

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