Hang Some Portal 2 On Your Wall

While Valve sells its own collection of Portal 2 merchandise, nerd internet store Think Geek is doing its own bit for science, first with testing gel and now with these classy posters based on the hit first-person puzzler.

While Valve's prices tend to drift towards the "fancy" end of the market, these are highly affordable, as you get a pack of four posters for just $US15. Three of them measure 18" x 24, while the collage of 40's signs comes in at 24" x 36".

Portal 2 Underground Poster Kit [Think Geek, via Wonderland]


    These were in Valve's store when Portal 2 was released.

    Someone else is now selling them? WHAT A SCOOP!

      Hee hee!

    Possible bootlegs?

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