Have A Sneak Peek At Metro: Last Light (On Facebook)

Have A Sneak Peek At Metro: Last Light (On Facebook)
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Metro 2033 was one of those games. It didn’t necessarily review well, but garnered quite the cult following amongst the PC gaming master race. THQ are slowly leaking info and footage of the game’s sequel, but you’ll have to ‘like’ the game on Facebook to check it out.

Early this morning, Australian time, there will be a proper gameplay video released, which we’ll show right here, but for now, this is all we’ve got! I know there are a few among you who aren’t fans of the whole Facebook ‘like’ thing, but I feel like it’ll be a small sacrifice for fans of the series.

But just so you know what you’re signing up for – there are some preview vids and screenshots available on the Facebook page, and I think it’s worth checking out.


  • PC Master Race…
    Was it one of the few games that justified their overpriced hardware, thus garnering acceptance for this reason alone?

    Metro was OK, just OK. Yes I played it on PC. Yes it was on high.

    • Also, some of the performance issues were apparently due to poor coding, not omgwtfbbq level graphics. Not to say it didn’t look good.

      I really enjoyed it. Not particularly for anything PC-linked though; I just really like depressing Eastern European made games. Like Stalker. Great atmosphere.

      • I know what you mean. They have a very different perspective on story and atmosphere. Plus there are a lot of little details in this game that impressed me, like having to generate power for your torch, check your wrist gauge for air remaining, hand pump pneumatic rifles, the way your breathing increases and fogs up your gas mask in tense situations, etc. I was really impressed.

      • I’ve begun to notice that alot of my favourite games seem to be coming out of the eastern/northern Europe area. STALKER, Metro, Minecraft, the Ice Pick Lodge games, The Witcher 1 & 2, Bohemia Interactives upcoming Arma III and Carrier Commander have me far more excited than BF3 and there’s probably more that I’m just not thinking of right now.

        Not only are these the games that make PC gaming great, but for me they’re what just makes gaming great for me in general, especially Ice Pick Lodge. The Void is one of the games people will look back and point to when the medium is widely accepted as art.

  • i dont understand this. I started playing Metro 2033 yesterday, and i’m having trouble enjoying it…i loved STALKER, i love post apocalyptic games, i enjoy horror FPS’s…

    What am i missing that makes this game decent?

    So far ive noticed a lack of ‘oompf’ in weaponry, the game doesn’t look all that great even on max settings. (im able to over look that with no issue as long the game is fun), it seems to lack a level of polish, it feels very Beta-ish to me.

    I want to enjoy it, but i just cant.

    • Lacking polish huh? You remember much about the STALKER: SoC when it was released? 😛

      Also, what do you mean by a “lack of ‘oompf’ in weaponry”?

      • STALKER had its issues, but it felt more finished than Metro has to me so far.

        I mean that i shot a creature at point blank range with a shotgun while it was running, and instead of crashing to the ground like a dead sack of demon… it sort of slowed down a bit, then slumped on the ground more as if it had walked into a swamp instead of running into a shotgun blast.
        ^ this would be ok if it was that way for the odd kill, but they all seem to die this way.

        Unless you use the knife quick time kills.

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