Here Is Fifteen Minutes Of BioShock Infinite Gameplay Footage

It wasn't shown to the public at the time, but at E3 last month there was a BioShock Infinite demo that blew people's socks off. You may now watch that demonstration.

Below you'll find the entire fifteen-minute demonstration, which kicks in at the second "chapter" (around 4:20 in).

You can read our complete BioShock Infinite coverage here.

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    Looking good.

    Always feels weird to me when my character is talking constantly in a first person game though, hopefully they pull it off.

    I want to watch it because the wait for this game is killing me but at the same time I don't want to spoil anything no matter how trivial it may be.

    Curse this Sophie's Choice that I'm in.

      Like me be the first to confirm to you, that the footage is INCREDIBLE!

      So whether or not you watch it, it's heading in the right direction

    Oh my Jedi.

    Looks awesome. Didn't get in to either of the first Bioshocks but I'm excited for this.

    What I want to know is how they can direct gameplay and exploration with the whole skyway thing.

    Looks pretty good. But I'm still annoyed it's called Bioshock. You would think Aeroshock or something like that would be more appropriate.

    Also, her cleavage is too distracting for someone who's supposed to be young and innocent.

    Wow, just wow. Was not looking forward to this at all. Damn it hurry up.

    That was nothing short of amazing.


    My initial thoughts. Before they were "this is looking pretty awesome."

    Ugh i don't really see anyone else who thinks this, but all i see here is Scripted sequence, Scripted sequence and then more Scripted sequences :/

    Animation looks iffy, gun is waaaaaay to close to your face. it looks like you're resting your chin on it.

    First person talking is cool yeah, but i want my character saying something when i think it, so if i look over in the distance to an item, i want him to say something. i don't want him speaking pretty much only at scripted points.

    Sure! it looks pretty, but i think it won't feel like a game, and more like a movie in which you walk around finding the script.

    That whole tear in reality thingy gives me really cool Fringe vibes.

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