Here It Is, An *Official* Pokémon App

There are unofficial Pokémon apps, such as this. Nintendo and Game Freak are finally releasing an official Pokémon app for the AppStore and the Android Market.

The app, Pokémon Say Tap? BW, uses music and on screen Pokémon cards in a timing game. The free app is slated to be out this Australian winter, making it the first Pokémon game to appear on non-Nintendo hardware.

Well, besides those puck-based Pokémon arcades. Still, this is a big deal. Nintendo's making its first move onto smartphones.

ポケモンがついに公式でスマフォ進出! 『ポケモン言えTAP?』今夏配信 [Kotaku Japan]


    This isn't the first Pokemon game on something other then a Nintendo unit. There was one out during the Pokemon card craze years ago.

      *On the PC.

        There was also a new Pokemon card game released recently for PC.

    If they would only release blue and red for smart phones.sigh.


    Saying this is the first Pokemon game to appear on non-Nintendo hardware would be like saying Mario has never appeared on non-Nintendo hardware.

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