Here's The First Public Look At UFC 3 Gameplay

This is a huge weekend for competitive gaming, especially with the EVO World Championships going on in Las Vegas. At the premier fighting-game event, THQ is showing off early builds of UFC Undisputed 3, due for release early next year.

This video features Urijah Faber versus Dominick Cruz, and gives a better look at UFC 3's new submission system. There are more videos at the link, with a direct download available should any of these videos be removed by YouTube.

First UFC Undisputed 3 Gameplay Videos [Pasta Padre]


    Video not working guys

    Video is private :(

    Here is a viewable version of the video

    All videos bar the Jones v Rampage one are set to private :/

    I know its an early build but it still looks like rock'em sock'em robots, it looks completely inorganic. The fighters are too quick and too sharp in their movements, they lack a sense of weight or inertia. It looks jerky when one fighter's animation is interrupted by the other fighter.

    This is the 3rd edition and we still have the fighting engine from the 1st.

    Here hoping for rapid improvement by release.

      It's not the fighting engine from the first at all. Have you even PLAYED the first and second?

    Seems like a fast paced game, but nothing really setting it apart from it's predecessors. It is still a while off yet, so hopefully there are some improvements besides an updated roster and Pride rules included

      More fluid combinations of punches and kicks, less static movements, grapples seem more fluid, its faster paced and grapples seem less confusing to pull off. Seems pretty improved so far, just praying its not watered down...

    Cant wait to see more! UFC 2 was awesome fun.

    - JediKilla

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