Here's What The ESRB Has To Say About Dead Island

It's no surprise that Deep Silver's zombie title is getting an M-rating. The certificate just handed to it by the ESRB is still a little interesting for the bits of details it gives up from the game, from dialogue to gameplay features.

From the listing, we get these details:

• Bats, knives, axes, shotguns, rifles all are weapons.

• Headstomps available in melee (we kind of knew this).

• Alcoholic beverages can be acquired/consumed to increase damage, but the screen will blur.

• One mission involves the recovery of illegal drugs for a character suffering from withdrawal.

• References to incest and child molestation (in dialogue only).

• Usage of words such as "fuck" and "shit."

Dead Island releases Sept. 6

ESRB Slaps Zombie Action/RPG Dead Island With a Mature Rating [RipTen]


    • References to incest and child molestation (in dialogue only).

    So banned in Australia, I guess :\

      It has already passed rating here, Ad (MA15+)

    lol it wont be banned by the time september rolls round if the classification board agrees on r18+ games the meeting is held in a few days cant wait to see a positive outcome i sure hope people filled their submissions in

      I'm sure they'll use the 'NOPE, need more feedback from the public' excuse again. #pessimismFTW

        Yeah I have a theory about that. Once they finally give in and do this they won't have a job anymore because the last stupid thing will have been corrected.

    filled in, wish i was as positive as you are tho.

    I wonder how Dead Island dodged our censor-ray gun...

    also guys, if for some reason it does get banned, just import it....I had no trouble getting a recently RC game into the country. Hell, a friend of mine at work managed to get the Kollectors Edition into the country (through amazon, no less)

    If anyone is curious, here it is on the classification site...

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