How About Another Life-Sized Gundam Statue?

In 2009, a life-sized Gundam statue (pictured) was erected. At the time, people said, if only there was a life-sized Zaku. Turns out, there might be.

A volunteer team in Mibu, Japan is setting out to erect a life-sized, 59-foot Zaku. In Gundam, Zaku is piloted by Char Aznable, one of the main Gundam antagonists.

Mibu is Japan's "Omocha no Machi" or "Toy Town". In recent years, with more toy production moving to China and Vietnam, more and more of the city's factories are now shuttered. However, the town is home to a Bandai toy museum that already houses a life-sized, from-the-waist-up RX-78-2 Gundam bust.

The idea to create a life-sized Zaku was first floated at a town meeting this past December. After contacting the mech's copyright holders, it was determined that it will take tens of millions of dollars to design and erect the Zaku.

The volunteers hope to drum up publicity via Twitter and Facebook, and sell 1,000 limited edition cups of strawberry cocktail for approximately US$1.20 a pop at an upcoming charity event for the March 11th earthquake. They're going to need to sell more than that. Way more.

The life-sized Gundam that was erected in 2009 moved to Shizuoka in 2010. It was damaged during the earthquake and is no longer on display.

ガンダムの宿敵「実物大」…おもちゃのまち構想 [YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)via 萌えオタニュース速報 via AnimeNewsNetwork]

(Top photo: Thumbnail of Life)


    Do we expect the Zaku and the Gundam to duke it out?

    Looking at the Zaku models, it must be a purely Gundam fanboi thing. Not only is it horrendously ugly but it's boring as well. Like someone took the elements of a fat cartoonish knight and made it into a mech suit.

    Good luck to 'em though and the fundraiser part gets mad props!

    How about a life size Timberwolf, Atlas or Warhammer instead please?

    I'd rather all that money go towards actually researching and developing the technology that humanity will need to construct Gundams...

    I saw this in October last year, was awesomeness !

    Zaku obviously made the earthquake

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