How Blatantly Does The New Spider-Man Trailer Rip Off Mirror’s Edge?

How Blatantly Does The New Spider-Man Trailer Rip Off Mirror’s Edge?

The new Spider-Man movie trailer is cool. It’s also a bit familiar to those of us who played and enjoyed the 2008 video game Mirror’s Edge. How similar? Watch. You might notice some amazing, spectacular coincidences.


  • Wow i haven’t even seen the trailer to spider-man till now but if i would have i would of said its taken things from mirror’s edge just go’s to show even mirror’s edge is helping spider man its like its an exact copy.

    • So Buraddo, You’re saying that if I were to look through the roughly 600+ siper-man comics I would not see any similarities that ME(Mirrors Edge) ripped of spider man. Or even if you were to compare free-running in ME to that of Assassins Creed? Seriously sounds like a couple trolls “wanting” to pick apart a movie. And in the end anyway…it is just a first-person-perspective trailer…OMG shock horror.

  • The best way to show off Spidey is to do a first person free-running bit on the rooftops with plenty of webslinging. Take out the webslinging and you have exactly what Mirror’s Edge managed to completely nail.

    So the bulk of the similarities are not only forgivable but something that I think bodes well for the movie.

    The bit with the reflection is the glass was a little much though. Hard to defend that one unless that was featured in one of the earlier Spiderman movies or there just isn’t another good way to end a sequence like that.

  • Yeah, it looks the same, but doesn’t most parkour these days?

    On another note, now I want to play Mirror’s Edge. Damn you Spider-Man.

  • Let the Mirror’s Edge folk make a Spider-Man game and we’ll all be happy. 😀 That scene in the trailer was freakin’ beautiful, I’ve got to say.

  • Good, it seems like the perfect sequence to draw inspiration from a game, which they clearly did. That’s the type of shot I would love to see in 3d.

  • This is the one time i would encourage this but could EA sue and use the money to fund Mirror’s Edge 2? If there is one game that deserves a sequel to fix everything up it is ME.

  • I watched it the first time and though “wow, Mirror’s Edge much?”. Glad to see I’m not the only one who has picked up on it

    • Pretty sure it did. Up until Mirror’s Edge I experienced my entire life from a viewpoint floating behind my head.

  • The first thing I noticed when I saw the trailer on Sunrise this morning was that almost the entire sequence was CGI. Noticing it at home bodes badly for suspension of disbelief in the cinema.

    I’ll be seeing it but I do hope they blur the lines between CG and live action further before release.

  • Oh my god, have you noticed how the trailer and game both look like what it would look like to hop between buildings?


  • Mirrors Edge 2 PLEASE!!!! see should just start spamming it on twitter/facebook and get it trending lol then EA would be all over it

  • Mirror’s edge was short, it was cruel and sometimes repetitive but damn, it had a great spark to it. It’s at the perfect bargain basement price now.

  • I realise that the physics in the movie is not as accurate as the game. The running physics is not realistic… it’s as if Spidey’s legs had shock absorbers.

    Also, there is no way he can swing that far forward while freefalling downwards. He didn’t even angle his shot that well. I know this is nitpicking, but I’m trying to prove a point that creating a CGI scene by moviemakers and editors aren’t as thorough as game developers.

  • mmmm I still don’t like the design of the suit. 😛

    Though I think I saw web-shooters, so that’s cool 🙂

  • I LOVED mirrors edge and it was the first thing that hit me when i saw the trailer the other day.

    Regardless, it suits Spiderman, but reminded me how much i would kill for an ME sequel.

  • To the creator of this video:

    …You do realize they’ve officially announced that Mirror’s Edge is a trilogy, right? And that they’re already working on the sequel?

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