How Many People Play As Femshep (And How Many Create Their Own Hero?)

Since the Mass Effect series lets you not only select the gender of your character but also customise their appearance, it's interesting to find out some statistics behind the choices people make when forging their story.

Speaking with VG247, BioWare's David Silverman says that 18% "of everyone who plays Mass Effect" uses the female version of Commander Shepard. So, a little under one in five.

Just as interesting, given the fact their "faces" are splashed all over the game's marketing, is the number of people ditching the default character profiles and creating their own Commander Shepard, something 87% of players do when starting out on their quest.

Loving FemShep: BioWare's first lady finally steps forward [vg247]


    i dont remember femshep being able to wear glasses and be as cute as that! is it a mod?

      I hope that was a joke - the glasses are obviously photoshopped in.

    Whenever there's a choice and you see the character itself, I always play the female characters. Steet Fighter, Metal Slug, RPGs, whatever. I'd rather watch a woman's behind for hours at a time, and chicks that kick arse rock!

      I agree completely, especially considering the tight jumpsuits they wear all game.

      Rather flawed reasoning. If you're staring at your characters arse the entire time, you're doing it wrong.

      Agree completely, however in a less douchey fashion.

    Looks like a mod called photoshop.


      With FemShep I actually listen to Shepards dialogue instead of just quickly reading and then skipping it.

    I do. Why? Her acting is SO MUCH better than the male variants delivery.

    I use female, just because I prefer the voice.

    I play the fem-Shepard form because want to see how it presents a female perspective of the character's development and adventure as well as seeing if there are different options (other than the sexual/romantic ones) offered.

    I haven't played as Femshep but I do make my own Shep rather than use the default.

    I play as a female. I think the voice acting is better and frankly I would rather look at a female avatar than a male.

    Male Shepard I try to look like me.

    Female Shepard I just fiddled with settings until I found something I liked.

    I hope to take them both through ME3!

    I played as male Shepard. When I first started I tweaked his appearance a bit until I got something that I thought looked ok in the character editor. Then I get into the game and his head looked like some kind of misshapen potato. I played about 2 hours before deciding I couldn't look at that for the rest of the game and restarted with the default Shepard.

    I play male, find it weird and creepy playing as a female, especially when you have a guy character pulling moves on you. I personally create my own shep when I play

    FemShep fans, unite! And I agree with playing female characters, no RPG is complete without that :P

    My main character (2nd made) is ManShep.
    My favourite, though, is FemShep. Mainly because of Jennifer Hale.

    Wow, I guess I'm in the minority here.

    Not only do I rock Male Shepard, but I'm rocking the default Shepard. I guess my reasoning for it is I want to experience the Mass Effect story, even though it's the same regardless of look or gender, I feel I would get pulled out of the experience thinking that it's not the crafted Mass Effect story but rather my own.

    Eh, I dunno. Maybe I just like the default Shepard's weird smile. :)

      This is my reasoning. It boils down to being as dumb as I want to be playing as the guy on the box!

      There is no "the Mass Effect story". There are many Mass Effect stories. What do you call the story when people play as Femshep?

        Yeah I know, but it's more of a personal choice than something I'll ram down people's throats :P

        It's kind of similar to the reason why I always rock default names in other RPGs. I could never name Link or Cloud something else, it just took me out of the experience.

    I'm a pretty big ME fan, so I do 6 playthroughs; 3 Male, 3 Female, one of each class.

    I'm a fan of the voice acting.

      This is my plan too. I had 4 saves (3 male, 1 female) done when my computer died and I lost all my months of work. I'm in the process of rebuilding them to approx the same decisions, but I only have 1 and a half done

    Most of my playthroughs have been lady shepard (all but one customized), I myself am male, however, i dislike playing male characters, first or third person, however, i have played as default Shepard. I guess I'm all across the board here.

    I play femshep but then I play blokeshep as well, one of the advantages of playing mass effect several times is that I can see both. I usually make my own versions of the characters but I want a blokeshep with a 1920s silent movie villain moustache

    Mark Meer is good but Jennifer Hale is substantially better

    I play as a female Shepard. Her voice acting is awesome (Jennifer Hale FTW!). Besides that though I just personally much prefer it when the stories main character is female. I have no idea why that is. It's because of this that if I'm given the choice I'll always make my character female, whether it's in an RPG or somthing else. It also provides a nice break from all the dude characters I'm forced to play as. Seriously it seems like 99% of games coming out feature a male as the playable character.

    My Femshep has dark red hair.
    Shes hot.

    Jennifer Hale is awesome, but I play both. Screw the "Oh but I want to look at girls", grow a pair and love male and femshep's arse.

    Having just started playing the original ME (yes, I know, I'm behind) I'm playing a creepy-looking custom blokeshep. He's going Renegade eventually, and I've actually given him a little story myself - he's the same person as my City of Heroes character (the character's immortal, in case you're wondering about timeline) and this is set long after his love died, so he's a bit nastier now, but was inspired to at least /try/ to be a good guy.

    Lol at the people who play as a female just to stare at her ass. Really? That's kinda stupid. Shouldn't you be more interested in the beautiful surroundings that is Mass Effect?

    I play as the default male Shepard. He looks the coolest and the voice suits him. I usually play as a female on my second play.

    Yeah, I went man-shep a half dozen times. Used to always play dudes... Then I made my Revan a chick in KotOR... Then an elvan female in DA:O. They're both badass :)

    So... Yeah. That's all the justification I need for a 7th run through ME 1 and 2!

    I feel like I might have my internet rights revoked if I admit that I didn't particularly care for the FemShep voice acting. I've played one of each, both customized.

    18% femshep, 87% custom... hang on... 105%?

    Is there something i'm missing here?

      Being female and customizing your character aren't mutually exclusive.

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