How Rage Reflects Id's Lengthy Legacy

Back in 1992, id Software released Wolfenstein 3D, a title that ushered in an entirely new genre and showed developers and gamers just how immersive and visceral a video game could be. Two decades later comes Rage.

For nearly 20 years the company has been improving the formula, creating more powerful technology, constantly redefining the genre it defined in the first place. In this first behind-the-scenes video for id's latest, Rage, John Carmack and friends talk about how they've instilled this new intellectual property with all they've built and learned since the Wolfenstein days to create what could be "the best thing that id's ever done".


    After the last quake and doom games, Im not entirely sold.

      To be fair they didn't develop Quake 4, that was an outsourced job done by Raven (much like Wolfenstein).

      You didn't like Doom 3? Quake doesn't count either since the last one wasn't developed by ID.

    They keep saying how they they are doing something new but whenever I see Rage gameplay footage I just think generic.
    Any one of the scenes in Rage could easily have come from Fallout 3 or Borderlands or Gears of War or whatever.
    More fetch/kill quests while shooting slightly mutant humanoids with shotguns in a brown post-apocalyptic wasteland.
    But look, we have cars! With guns on them! And a crossbow!
    Innovative indeed.

    Buy maybe I'm just a cynical bastard.

    It doesn't look innovative, but it does look like a perfected formula. Sometimes, thats all you're after.

    they talk too much about how good they are

    MY TWO CENTS ON RAGE (cos I haven't chimed in yet on it)

    Wow. You guys (id) can't keep saying you're doing something new and trying to evolve the genre, when the primary setting of your game has already been done!

    Ok yes, your tech might blow the Fallout and Borderlands series out of the water. But the reality is: No matter how amazing your game looks, people are still going to say "we've seen this before."

    And the fact you're not even considering this in your feature videos and interviews is what is cause people to question your ability to keep up with, let alone "evolve" the genre.


    Well, when there's an elephant in the room and you're the only one not acknowledging it, your judgement is suspect. Yes, you might have created the FPS genre, but seriously fellas...

    "What have you done for me lately?"

    I'm still looking forward to RAGE because yes, the tech looks great and it will probably be up there with Crysis 2 in terms of pushing console hardware to its limits. But I'm still concerned id are being delusional about how well this game is actually [not] going to do.

    I love Carmack... but I wish hed work on developing some kind of new industry standard code miniturisation process, so we could get bigger games that run faster for less space on a disc.

    I hope there's an invincibility cheat.
    That was the only way I could pass Doom 3 :/

    Nobody does gunplay like ID.

      Yeah, looking forward to some sweet gunplay gameage. Anything more will be a bonus?

    As huge fan of id games since I was three years old, it's almost disappointing to here them talk about the innovation they've achieved in Rage when it doesn't look or feel that different from what else is on the market. I'm sure id tech 5 is a monster of an engine and visually will blow everything out of the water, but it'd be nice to see evidence of some actual gameplay innovation. Nonetheless, it's really cool to see a video like this discuss the development of a new game in the context of a company's storied history - I hope more developers produce content like this in the future.

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