How Zynga's Billions Stack Up Against Other Gaming Giants

The people who make FarmVille, CityVille and Empires & Allies think their company's stock will be worth at least $US1 billion when they go public. The New York Times thinks the company's value could go up to $US20 billion.

However it adds up, Zynga is clearly a huge player in modern video games. How do they compare to those other giants in video games?

Here is the market cap for the biggest players. Market cap may not be the perfect way to measure how much a company is worth (it's the number of shares multiplied by the share price), it does help put things in perspective.

At the low end, Zynga is in the same league as Ubisoft. At the high end, it's almost Nintendo-sized.

All market cap figures via Marketwatch


    So overnight they will ONLY be as valuable as the 3rd largest 3rd-party dev. And possibly, almost as valuable as the mainstay 1st party devs.

    I blame my mother- and those like her- who bemoaned every videogame for the last 20 years, but schedules her life around harvesting virtual crops.

    Im sure this is one of the seven signs. Right between famine and Middle East tension

    Considering Zynga is so reliant on Facebook, valuation of Zynga will be an implicit bet on the longevity of Facebook.

    Still, $20bn valuation (if it gets that high) would be ludicrous and would affirm my suspicions that we're currently undergoing a second tech bubble


      Facebook drops in price, Zynga will go down faster.

      Dodgy investment, It won't hit 20billion.

    Market capitalization is useless. Not even good for 'perspective'.

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