Hurry Up And Wait For Zelda Symphony Concert

In case you've been waiting patiently for The Legend of Zelda Symphony Concert, good news! You'll only have to keep waiting until October... unless you're not in Los Angeles

Nintendo has announced via press release that the tour will kick off on October 21 in Los Angeles, California at the Pantages Theatre. From there, it will go on hiatus until 2012. Tickets in LA will be $US35, on sale August 1 at Ticketmaster. The concert will consist of a 70-piece orchestra, along with a choir. They will perform "new arrangements of a variety of songs" from across the Zelda series' 25-year history.

"The Legend of Zelda has few peers in the pantheon of video game giants, and the games and their music have always shared a deep connection," Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of sales and marketing, says in a press release. "Through these concerts, fans nationwide will be able to gather and show their love for the quarter century of action, adventure and excitement that The Legend of Zelda games have brought to their lives."


    God I hope this comes to Aus....I'd fly across the country to see this without a second thought.

    I saw the Distant Worlds (Final Fantasy) symphony at the Sydney opera house back in may and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

      Im with you!! This is something im really excited to see and hear.

      Distant Worlds was in April and I think most people that attended feel the same way you do. Definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life as well.

      Sure hope it comes back to Aus soon... and Zelda Symphony too!

    Hope they make a dvd of this since we won't be getting a tour downunder.

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