Ico And Shadow Of The Colossus Have Never Looked Better

Neither Ico nor Shadow of the Colossus are new per se. But both games are getting HD versions with 3D. The HD versions sparkle and so do these trailers.

Ico was first released in 2001. Shadow of the Colossus was released in 2005. Both were developed by Team Ico, which is headed up by Fumito Ueda.

The HD versions will be out this Australian spring.

Thanks Zak!


    Missed out on these two on PS2. Would definitely appreciate a true-to-original HD remake.

    If these are the HD trailers, they were very sloppy with redoing textures. The System Shock 2 HD project looked more polished, and that was done by fans!

    Genuinely aroused now. Would everybody please step out of this article for a while? I'd like some "private time" alone with these trailers.

    Doesn't seem like they're doing any pre-orders for this *GASP*

    I need this. I wonder how much it'll be?

      If I remember rightly, it will be something like $40 for one of them, and $60 for a bundle (or even more than that), while I was really hoping that they would stick with what was generally assumed at first: a bundle of the 2 for the same price as the Sly remake (was that $30 or $40?). I don't feel like paying a full new release price for two remakes...

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