If You Want Driver: San Francisco On PC, You'd Better Have A Stellar Internet Connection

Like that comeback no one wants to see happen, Ubisoft's always-on DRM is making an encore appearance for the PC version of Driver: San Francisco. Ergo, if you don't have an internet connection, or if Ubisoft's servers go down due to maintenance or hackers or Act of God(s), you can't play the game. Not even in singleplayer (also known colloquially as "offline" mode).

Ubisoft's frustrating DRM preferences are nothing new. We were even foolish enough to believe that we were done with this nonsense a while back.

Oh and by the way, in case you wanted to play the game with a steering wheel, Ubisoft has confirmed via tweet that it's not happening.

Ubisoft's Driver: SanFran Has Always-On DRM [via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Well, thats it, I'm sorry to say Ubisoft that I am done with you. I am washing my hands right now.

    You have now ranked well below Activision in my books.

    Seriously? Are they retarded in some way? This actually MAKES me want to pirate the game

    Whats the point of having your internet always on UBISOFT are really stupid for doing this again, you might as well say your not really buying the game but renting it.

    Makes me happy I was completely uninterested in it.

    Still quite pathetic all the same though.

    This is what has stopped me from finishing AC2, let alone the other 32 sequels.

    Haha wow, I hope Ubisoft goes out of business.

    Never buying another one of their games.

    I look forward to needing to pirate this in order to play it properly.....

    Well the DRM doesn't bother me so much as the steering wheel.

    No steering wheel support means no sale for me.

      Damn straight, it's a driving game with no wheel support, that is just stupid. Cant beleive the decision making there. DRM is pretty harsh too

    Well done Ubisoft. Keep punishing those that support your games... Genius!

    Also, doesn't support wheels?! It's called DRIVER and they won't offer wheel controller support?! GAH!!!

    Interesting sales model Ubisoft has

    1) Cripple game
    2) ???
    3) Profit

    I don't see it working out like that.

    I swear the level of DRM on a game doesn't affect the amount it's pirated that much. People find there way around just about every conceivable form of DRM, meaning that those who were going to pirate it from the beginning generally will regardless of what measures are in place. It just means headaches for everyone else.

    This isn't to say that companies shouldn't try to protect their intellectual property, just that they shouldn't treat their paying customers as criminals needing to be constantly monitored.

      Yeah, that's the real problem as I see it. When the people who pirate your game are actually getting a SUPERIOR product to what the paying customers are getting then something's gone very, very wrong.

    "Yes let's punish the people who pay for our games, that will show those nasty pirates who is boss"

    Remember the good old days of frustrating DRM sotware like "starforce protection" and all those?

    It's definitely frustrating and I thought DRM was well in Ubisoft's past..

    The real kicker is their tweeted response to a customer complaining about the DRM was:

    “Bear in mind though that the PC version of DRVSF is released simultaneously to consoles.”

    Essentially saying either 'If you don't want to have to deal with DRM that will cripple your enjoyment of a game then why are you buying it for a PC, really you only have your self to blame.' Or 'Look we have deigned to accede to your demands and actually release the game at the time we announced so the PC version will coincide with the release of the console versions, and you have the gall to complain about some pittance of a DRM!?"

    I really wish Ubisoft would stop making good games because I'm getting tired of them all being ruined by this stupid DRM.

    Any news on whether From Dust will be getting the same treatment?

    No wheel AND drm?

    "Sir, our Driver sales on the PC were far below our expectations..."
    "Why, that must mean PC gaming is dead!"

      "Sir, our Driver sales on PC were far below our expectations..."

      "How is that even possible? You did assure me that nobody was ever going to buy the PC version in the first place, but can our sales be less than nothing?"

      "Well retailers are now charging us rent for any copies we have them stock because they are no longer considered 'products' so much as 'fixtures'"

      Since I could afford to buy my own games I have taken a 'boycott instead of pirate' approach to such actions. So far Ubi have lost sales of Settlers 7 (and expansions), PoP: Forgotten Sands, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and the newer Assassins Creed games just from me, with the only exception being that I caved for Assassins Creed 2 when I found a White Edition with the figurine for $25 (often the cost of such a figurine alone).
      I'm sorely tempted to go back to the old ways and start downloading again because it looks like piracy is the only way to get a Ubi product that will work nowadays! I think the deciding factor might be From Dust - Ubi have some pretty good games but this is even more ridiculous that the *expletive* they pulled with Starforce and Tages back in the day!

    I must have missed the point where a computer user which a PC the quality of which needed to play this game , is not going to have an internet connection.

    FFS people , what is the problem. Play the game with its DRM , its not that hard.

      But internet connections go up and down. We had about a week without internet last year when we had problems with our phone lines. And even if your internet connection is OK, there's always the possibility that Ubisoft's servers can go down or they could have issues with the internet connection at their end etc.

      Look at what happened with Capcom's PSN games like Final Fight - they require an internet connection even to play offline. Then PSN gets hacked and taken offline for 3 weeks or whatever, and we can't play the game even singleplayer.

      I've got no problem with it requiring an internet connection for internet functionality like multiplayer or whatever. But requiring a constant internet connection to play a game with no online functionality is just bullshit. Especially when it won't stop piracy, so the pirates will have a version they can play offline without needing a connection, while the paying customers are at the mercy of their internet connection and the stability and security (or lack thereof) of Ubisoft's servers.

        Mate , they are not doing it to stop the pirates , they are doing it to stop the mums and dads from copying the game or kids lending the games to their mates to install.

      While you're happy to take a corporate arse rape, we are not.

        Corporate arse rape , hardly. Just a company trying to make money and defend product integrity of a game it has spent millions of dollors developing.

        There is a solution for your like , its called communism. Just a quick tip , its been proven not to work.

          So my solution, "vote with your wallet on issues you dont like", is communism wheras your solution "shut up and take it" isn't?

          Yeah. Priorities are reeeeeeaaaaaaally straight on that one...

      Another point of note is that when you refer to "a PC the quality of which needed to play this game", remember that without many of the intrusive DRM processes that PC could probably be cheaper by a larger margin than the cost of the game at RRP.

      I don't know how many processor cycles are lost to particular DRM systems but I have dealt with clunky performance and stability issues as a direct result of DRM (assuming the DRM doesn't stop legit copies from working in the first place as has also happened several times in the past).

    Well, I guess I wont update then...

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