In A World Invaded By Space, Two Producers Launch A Film Project No One Wants To See

Not satisfied with aiding in the creation of the childhood-stealing Transformers and G.I. Joe movies, producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura has teamed up with Odd Lot Entertainment's Gigi Pritzker to bring Space Invaders to the silver screen. Oh joy.

When last we checked in with the Space Invaders franchise, Warner Bros. was looking to option the rights to create a big budget picture based on the iconic rows of descending sprites. Apparently that deal fell through, and now Lorenzo di Bonaventura has added the 1978 arcade classic to his to-do list of franchises to screw up. Lorenzo also served as the producers on Transformers and G.I. Joe, and is working on a remake of Pet Sematary and the Asteroids film. This is obviously not a big fan of original ideas we're dealing with here.

Luckily di Bonaventura isn't writing the flick. He and his producing buddy are currently looking for a writer with the chops to produce a deep and meaningful film based on a video game with no real backstory other than "here come the aliens!" Pretty sure that movie has already been made several times over. Just take one of those and periodically send a warbling pixel spaceship flying across the top of the screen.

So what would you like to see in a Space Invaders film, other than the producer stuffed inside a 1978 arcade cabinet and rolled down a hill?

'Space Invaders' Video Game Headed to Big Screen [The Hollywood Reporter]


    Hmmm, The material seems kind of linear to me.

    It should be a Seth Rogen stoner comedy about 2D pixel aliens that invade El Paso. Think the Mooninites from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, except Rogen would be the stoner and the aliens would be a little more straight.

    I wouldn't have thought transformers 1 was screwed... the sequels... well, no comment there.

    Michael Bay will probably be happy to direct it.

    "other than the producer stuffed inside a 1978 arcade cabinet and rolled down a hill?"

    Why would you do that to a perfectly innocent arcade cabinet???

    Honestly I would rather see MAYBE a pixar short on characters avoiding the Space Invaders, in a similar fashion to the Futurama episode with the same premise. A full feature, not so much since there is no story other than ALIENS RUN!

    War of the Worlds without Tom Cruse. Add a few Baysploitons, and some 3D and BAM! you have a aciton hit.

    At least in the US.

    It should be a musical, better yet, a rock opera filed with songs from 1978 but all done in nothing but the tones the arcade cabinet. The theme tune could be the bee gees stayin alive done with all 4 sounds the arcade cabinet could produce, high beep, low beep, high farty noise & low farty noise. I'm not sure anyone will be able to tell the difference

    Personally, I want to see something along the lines of Mars Attacks, or at least something with a sense of humour that is not taking itself seriously.....and if the alien ships aren't based on Space Invader original designs, well that would be a pointless licencing of the game's rights.

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