Incubus Fight Music Pirates... Via A Video Game

Incubus have a new album coming out, but those dastardly pirates have only gone and leaked the album. In response, Incubus has facilitated the creation of a video game in which they themselves physically beat up pirates. Not the most sensible course of action, but hey - we're not judging!

You can check out the game here.

Thanks to Daniel for the heads up!


    Is this by the guy who did the Scott Pilgrim art?

    I wasn't aware anyone still listened to Incubus.

    In any case, it sounds interesting. If only for the fact that it's a game about unkempt hipster-esque musicians beating up unkempt hipster-esque music enthusiasts.

    I beat the first member of Stinkubus and it's a decent game, albeit lacking more combo buttons. If you liked Scott Pilgrim on PSN/XBLA (and lets face it, it was awesome) you'll like this, but it's not as good.

    Still, an awesome flash game. The team who made it did a kick-ass job.

    I agree there could be more to the variety of attacks but for what it is, I really enjoyed it. Also as a big fan of the band, it was great to hear the songs off the new album chip tune remixed for the levels. Thanks for the mention Mark.

    It would've been better if there was a "Sony Legal Team!" super move, that calls in a briefcase to slam the bad guys!

    Then when it hits them, all their money streams out of their pockets and the band members have to rush to pick it up and quickly bring it back to the bald Sony exec from the opening scene.

    Then they all blow him, for good measure.

    Screw Incubus... sellouts

    IncuBus want there 0.01 cents per CD sold that much?

    it isn't a good (or even decent) album anyway which is a shame...

    Inucubs is awesome!!! Stop hating!

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