Independent Games Festival Heads To The Sydney Opera House

Wow - August is set to be a big month for the Sydney Opera House and games. Earlier today we posted that PaRappa the Rappa creator Masaya Matsuura is heading there for a show, now we've gotten word that the Independent Games Festival is showing a selection of games. The best news? The show is free.

Shown in the Western Foyers between July 28 and August 21, the Opera House will play host to a selection of the best games from this years Independent Games Festival in the Western Foyers.

The Independent Games Festival has been around for 13 years now and attempts to focus attention on independent games in the same way the Sundance Film Festival highlights new and interesting cinema.

We'll definitely be heading over to check it out.

More info can be found here.


    Call me when Sydney learns to share with the rest of Oz.

      No! It's OURS!

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