iOS' EDGE Comes To PC And Mac On August 11

EDGE, the critically acclaimed iOS game from 2009 (which also kicked off the eventual downfall of Tim Langdell's all-encompassing claim to "Edge" as a trademark), is now coming to PC and Mac via Steam. The game will be available on August 11.

A news release announcing the game's availability added that a soon-to-be-released iOS game, titled EDGE Extended, will also make all of its content available for PC/Mac as free post-launch DLC.

Other features for the PC version include 30 achievements, time-based Steam leaderboards, and original bonus levels made by Two Tribes, which is adapting and publishing the game.

"The game now feels right at home on modern PCs and Macs, with super high resolutions and new special effects, while still keeping the retro vibe completely intact," Two Tribes says in its release.


    Buying this would be like mooning tim langdell, its very tempting and I don't even know what type of game it is!

    is it critically acclaimed ios game because its the only game that works on ios? TROLOLOLOL

      It's not trolling when it's obvious you're a silly Android fanboi.

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