Is A 3DS XL Incoming?

In spring 2010, Hitachi showed off a 3.1 inch screen that could reproduce 3D graphics without graphics, shortly after Sharp revealed a 3.4 inch one.

At that time, rumours swirled that either Hitachi or Sharp would be providing the 3D top screen for the then unreleased 3DS. Since then, details have been scant about who exactly provided the 3D screen.

Today in Japan, Hitachi revealed a new 4.5-inch glasses-free screen, leading to speculation online that Nintendo is readying a 3DS XL. In the past Nintendo stated that customers should not wait for a new 3DS hardware iteration.

Granted, a 4.5-inch, 1,280×720 dot glasses-free 3D screen has an array of uses, from larget tablet smartphones to digital camera screens.

But with the 3DS seeming to struggle, a new hardware iteration with a bigger screen and (hopefully) a better battery life could be exactly what the 3DS needs. 3DS Extra Lite, please! Especially with Sony readying the PS Vita.

Kotaku is following up with Nintendo and will update this post should the company comment.

日立、4.5型1,280×720ドットの裸眼3D IPS液晶 〜2D時より3D時の方が高輝度な液晶レンズ方式 [PC Watch]


    Hitachi showed off a 3.1 inch screen that could reproduce 3D graphics without graphics,

    uh i think you messed up that sentance

      "graphics without graphics"... Yup, its a nintendo console alright!

    "...a 3.1 inch screen that could reproduce 3D graphics without graphics..."

    I think it would probably make good business sense to release a 3DS Lite/XL off of this. I know a lot of people who have been holding off because they think that the 'proper' version of the console will be released in a year or so.

    Yes, I'm sure flooding the market with more hardware would help the 3DS.
    I mean if Nintendo wants the 3DS to take off release some decent software for it already.

      Thats not what I'm saying. Look at the original DS, big clunky version comes out, we all buy it and then after awhile they bring out the DS Lite. Smaller with better battery. I think there are probably a lot of people avoiding the #DS because they don't want to waste their money on the 'clunky' version if there is a 3DS Lite around the corner.

    Might help sales.

    but i would think it's gonna piss off the early adopters.

    especially since nintendo probably should have waited until the Oct-Dec period to launch. At least then it might have had a decent library instead of hemorrhaging it like it currently is

    Doubt it.

    4.3-4.5 inch smartphone screens are bordering on industry standard now.

    And people aren't playing the 3DS because the 3DS XL isn't coming out. They're not playing or buying them because there are hardly any games. Big difference.

    If anything, a hardware revision would make the device slimmer and/or jack up the battery, not make it even bulkier and power hungry.

    big or small, I wouldn't buy one either way until some good games came out for it...

    I just bought a 3DS too, if this is true then Nintendo can go f*ck itself.

    If there's one thing that annoys me, its' Nintendo's constantly releasing so many SKU's of their handhelds.

    It's like every one that has been released has been released unfinished. If it is true, I probably won't buy another piece of Nintendo hardware again.

    Think of its dust capacity!!!

    I'm both waiting for the next iteration and decent games to come out. There's currently 2 decent games on the system, and only 1 of them I want, which, just so happens to be a remake.

    Agreed with above: moar games > hardware revision. I still have a backlog of games to get through on my DSLite, so by the time I'm done both games and hardware revision will probably be out :--]

    How about some games to play on it first?

    I wasted my money on a DSI XL then the 3DS was confirmed for release so I'm like most people waiting for a 3DS XL. What is the point of downgrading to a smaller console just for 3D and better graphics when you spent like £100+ upgrading in the first place. I would have to spend another £100+ to upgrade again. You are one big money pit Nintendo.

      upgrade again console wise but downgrading size ways. I know people says size doesn't matter but it does with me.

    makes sense 4 a 3DS lite with better battery,second circle pad,4.5 inch HD screen,about same size as 3DS but slimmer nintendo said there working on non 3D games.

    Iphone upgrades all the time and there £500 a pop

    ill just trade my 3ds in 4 a lite i mean it will cost about £80 and your 3DS fat well worth it if you ask me defo getting it,it will be the same size as 3ds but slimmer with better battery and dual anologue not to mention a 3D 1280x720 screen wow its an instant buy 4 me.

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