Is Japan Excited About Wii U?

The Wii U is Nintendo's new console. You might be excited about it. You might not be. But what do Famitsu readers think?

Famitsu is Japan's biggest gaming mag, and its polls provide insights into what readers are thinking. So what are Famitsu readers thinking? Here are the results, via 1Up:

•38.3 percent said they had a good impression of the Wii U after E3

•33.7 percent said they did not have a good impression

•28 percent were undecided

Many liked the console's potential, but 22.5 percent didn't like the console's name, and others thought the Wii U seemed like a minor Wii upgrade.

Developers were more excited about the console, with Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi, Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki, Yakuza designer Toshihiro Nagoshi, Resident Evil designer Shinji Mikami, and Professor Layton developer Akihiro Hino all expressed interest in the machine. Many of them, however, seemed to be taking a watch-and-see attitude towards the console.

"We can think about new ports of games like Professor Layton which use the touch pen," Hino told Famitsu (via 1Up), "but I'd also like to think of new possibilities for games you can enjoy at home."

Having developers on board is important. Having good third party titles from non Nintendo studios is important. But talk is cheap, and developing new games isn't.

At E3, BioShock designer Ken Levin appeared in a Wii U promo reel, but later said his studio currently had "no plans" for Wii U titles.

Japan Gamers, Devs Excited But Hesitant On WiiU [1Up]


    Those are bad numbers, especially coming out of japan. I'm sure when Nintendo shows some actual game play it'll make a big difference but it seems a lot of people are fairly indifferent to the Wii U at the moment.

    Sorry but so far the whole 'one touch controller per console' thing is the deal breaker for me. I'll probably still get one bt not having at least 2 touch screens will drop me off the pre-order list.

    Seriously Nintendo do you even have a foot left after all those self inflicted bullet holes?

    What I don't understand is Nintendo is trying to bring in the core but continue to call and design their console something very childish, and stupid imo. The name 'Wii U' does not breed interest, especially when your trying aim for a majority male crowd over the age of 20. Seriously nintendo, anything but the Wii u would of drummed up much more interest.

    Well, with such little info, it IS kinda hard to be excited. I'm interested in what the new fangdangled controller is capable of, but aside from a few concepts and screen shots we've seen no stellar "WiiU only" games or capabilities.

    They can't really expect us to be excited, when we know next to NOTHING about the console - other than it has a fancy screen and it can run current gen-games.

    I want to know if, between this and the 3DS, are Nintendo TRYING to bankrupt themselves?

    Um. I'd be worried that the devs are taking a "wait and see" approach. The single biggest thing that Nintendo lacks (and has lacked for some time) is a good range of third-party games. Sony and MS are practically drowning in AAA titles from outside their own doors. Nintendo? ... not so much.

    Is anyone interested in the Wii U?

      I am, but I suppose I am part of a dying group of people. oh well :/

    The Wii U just does'nt do anything for me and that new controller looks to be too bulky to be practicle,The PSVITA beat this thing at E3 and won the best hardware category the Wii U did'nt have a chance against the PSVITA so what chance has It got when the PS4 Is released.

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