Is The PSN Getting A Makeover?

The current PlayStation Store (above) is nice and all, but some might find it a bit text heavy. Some being me! It's also not the most vibrant place. If The Register is to be believed, that could change.

According to The Register, Sony is revamping the PS Store, making it more like Xbox Live and Steam, with more focus on images and less on text. An insider said the new layout is far less cluttered and has "logically marked sections and rolodex lists".

It also will apparently have a new, live search function that will take the place of the current text-entry form, which is a separate page.

The movie section is also getting retooled, The Register reported. It will supposedly be like IMDB. Important details will appear on the screen's right, such as lead actor. Clicking on that will take PSN users to that actor's landing page. Games will be searchable apparently in a similar way - by genre, publisher, developer, etc.

There's supposed to be a "Deals of the Week" section, too. If true, that should make it easier to find deals.

This might be Sony trying to win back PSN users after the security breach. Whatever it is, a less cluttered PSN is welcomed.

Kotaku is reaching out to Sony for a comment and will update this post should the company respond.

Sony quietly tests PlayStation Network revamp [reghardware]


    Awesome, i have always found it to be somewhat of an eye sore.
    Can be a real pain in the ass to navigate sometimes.

    About time. Sony, IMO, has all ways failed with their PSN store. Latly (since it come back up after the hack) I can't find anything. It's just a mess. It's better then it was, but it still needs work.

    I like the PSN store a lot more than the Wiiware store and 3DS eshop, but I'm glad to see it being updates. It's currently got nothing on Steam lol.

    The bit I found most annoying is when the background clashed with the text - and this happens a lot. Whenever there's an overly white or colourful image all the text disappears or becomes unreadable. If just that can be fixed I'd be happy

    I just wish they actually had decent specials. Specifically for the PSP, most of the games there are 2 to 3 times the RRP instore. With the PSVita coming, I'd prefer to get PSP games digitally now as I can then play them on the Vita.

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