Is This The Motion-Controlled Swordplay You Actually Wanted?

Last week, I ran a video that showed a Nintendo rep playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword using the required Motion Plus advanced Wii Motion Control. I thought it was cool, but many readers expressed disappointment that you're still using motion control to trigger the moves of your character in the game. You're not performing 1:1 synced motion-controlled swordplay.

If you were one of those Zelda critics, or if you are indeed looking for something that looks closer to 1:1 motion control, check out this fall PlayStation 3 game, Medieval Moves: Deadman's Quest. We saw a little of the game at E3, and I shot more of the game in action today at a PlayStation showcase in New York. You'll see that the character's movement is on rails, but his weapon-wielding is tightly controlled by the player, all using the PlayStation Move motion controller. (Medieval Moves was made by Zindagi Games, the creators of last year's Move Wii Sports-alike Sports Champions, which is why some of this new games moves may look familiar.)

The video I shot for you here shows the game played solo with two Move wands. You can also play solo with one Move, which simplifies the bow-and-arrow, limits you to chucking your throwing stars with one hand and requires an extra button press to switch from sword to shield. Two Moves is the better way to go, I think. The game can also be played co-op or competitively with up to four Moves total.



    A link to Medieval Moves would be handy for us readers!

    I don't understand the people who wanted 1:1 control for Zelda. Most players are not capable swordsmen and thus 1:1 would result in a lot of Links giving their best impression of Star Wars Kid.

    I'd prefer nearly 1:1 with Zelda, knowing the game is about much more than just controls, vs some cash in on-rails. Why can't Sony just copy Zelda like they do with everything else, just make it darker, or more grown up? Honestly 0% excited about this medieval thing. Looks like something that should've been bundled with the Move, not something real people pay real money for.

    I prefer none:none. Give me a hand control over this casual motion control shit anyday.

    Yeah it was a dream I dont think I still possess. Fruit Ninja ended up being good enough for me.

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