Is This The World’s Oldest Gamer?

Is This The World’s Oldest Gamer?

Old people play video games. By old, maybe that means sixty years old? Seventy? How about 99 years old.

Meet Mrs. Umeji. She’s 99 years-old, and according to Japanese TV program Nani Kore Chin Hyakkei, she plays nothing but Bomberman for hours everyday. And has for nearly the past 26 years.

Bomberman was originally released on the Nintendo Famicon in December 1985.

Not only does Mrs. Umeji play Bomberman, she excels at it. On the show, the Sendai resident cleared the final 50th stage. During her daily Bomberman sessions, she starts at the first stage and plays until she finishes the game no problem.

Every. Single. Day.

On the program, before she put the Bomberman cartridge in, she even gave it gentle blow to clear out any dust.

It usually takes her about two and a half hours to clear the game, but on days when Mrs. Umeji is on fire, she can clear the game twice. Mrs. Umeji said she thinks the game is good at helping her keep her mind active. Gaming isn’t her only hobby. Even at 99 years-old, she still enjoys needlework and is able to thread needles herself.

“Playing Famicom keeps me from going senile,” Mrs. Umeji said.

Japanese TV is notorious for yarase, or faked situations. This program did show her playing the game, so it does appear to be real. What makes Nani Kore Chin Hyakkei interesting is that every week the show depicts amazing and usual people and things across the country, culled form the hundreds upon hundreds of viewer submissions the show gets weekly.

While Mrs. Umeji is just a regular granny (with superplay Bomberman skills), Japan boasts several famous silver gamers like broadcaster Shiro Suzuki, who will kick your ass in Resident Evil, and Doraemon‘s original voice actress Nobuyo Oyama, who owns the snot out of Arkanoid. And then there’s famed actress Keiko Awaji, who loves playing Dragon Quest.

Japanese senior citizens are famous for their longevity, healthy diets, and soon maybe, their gaming skills.

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